Peers Supporting Peers (PSP)

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Program Overview

The Peers Supporting Peers (PSP) Program is a peer support program, which receives oversight, training support, and supervision from UTM Health & Counselling Centre staff. The program aims to provide students with the following outcomes to help them achieve their personal and academic goals: 

  1. Individualized strategies (e.g., healthy lifestyle tips, academic skills),
  2. Knowledge of community resources, and 
  3. Personal support (empathy, active listening) 

The program emphasizes the strengths of the shared, peer-to-peer experience of students; and aims to provide support that complements, but does not replace, professional interventions.


Program Streams

Students can participate in two streams in the Peers Supporting Peers Program:

  1. PSP Mentorship – weekly 1:1 meetings between Mentors & Mentees
  2. PSP Workshops – weekly peer-led wellness workshops 


Stream 1 |  PSP Mentorship

In this stream, Peer Mentors* are matched on a one-on-one basis with Mentees**, based on similar interests, programs of study, and/or other relevant characteristics.

  • *Peer Mentors: Upper-year UTM students and UTM graduate students
  • **Mentees: UTM students with expressed mental health concerns

Mentees are expected to meet with their assigned Peer Mentor once a week, over the course of 6 weeks in the semester, at a mutually agreeable time. Meetings are expected to last approximately one hour, and will take place virtually via Zoom.

Each meeting will be centered around a specific, wellness-themed learning module, facilitated by the Peer Mentor. Over the course of the program, Mentees will be able to gain individualized strategies (e.g., healthy lifestyle tips, academic skills), knowledge of community resources, and receive personal support (empathy, active listening) to help them achieve their personal and academic goals.

Mentee Application: To apply to be a Mentee, please submit your application form here. A staff member from the UTM Health & Counselling Centre will be in touch subsequently to discuss next steps. At this time, this program is open to students currently residing in Ontario***We are now accepting mentee applications for 2021-2022 Academic year. Apply now.***


Stream 2 |  PSP Workshops

In addition to one-on-one mentorship, the PSP Program also offers peer-led Wellness Workshops, offered at various days and times weekly. To view the complete schedule for upcoming workshops, please click here.


Program Contacts

For questions or concerns about the PSP Program, please contact either or both:

  • Denise Alton, Lead Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre at
  • Ravi Gabble, Health Education Coordinator, UTM Health & Counselling Centre at