NCHA - UTM Health Survey

UTM is currently participating in the National College Health Assessment, a survey of student health aimed at helping the institution better understand the health and health needs of students.  

This anonymous survey asks questions about individual health and health behaviours, as well as about perceptions of student health on campus. The data will allow us to:

  • improve health services on campus
  • create health promotion activities  relevant to you as a student
  • allow us to better advocate for resources that support student wellbeing

UTM last participated in 2013 and that data has been put to good use by helping to shape the services available on campus, developing tailored trainings for students, staff and faculty, and to inform the creation of U of T's Mental Health Framework.

If you were one of the approximately 1 in 4 students who received an invitation via your email, please help us to continue to make UTM a healthier place by taking the time to complete the survey.  THANK YOU!!

If you have any questions, please contact Chad Jankowski (UTM Health Education Coordinator) at

Promotional poster depicting smiling UTM students sitting on a bridge.