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The CampUS Safety Project will enhance UTM's capacity to address the issue of violence against young women on campus and is funded by the Status of Women Canada.

CampUS is a joint initiative between Interim Place and the University of Toronto Mississauga.  It builds partnerships and collaboration between campus community stakeholders to identify and respond to the specific needs of young women on campus.  Students will help identify the issues of violence affecting young women on their campus, expand their understanding of these issues and help to prevent and reduce gender-based violence in their campus community.

In year 1 of this 2 year project, CampUS successfully completed a campus safety audit to better understand the experiences of young women on the UTM campus.  The audit, An Exploratory Study of Women's Safety at the University of Toronto Mississauga: A Gender-Based Analysis, and an executive summary, was presented for consideration by the CampUS Advisory Committee to inform their work.  The Advisory Committee, with their combined expertise in the campus and the issue of violence against women, developed a Community Safety Action Plan that focuses on 4 key priorities to work towards in year 2 of the CampUS Safety Project.   

We are happy to share a best practice guide based upon our experiences in developing the CampUS project on our campus: Best Practices Guide to Preventing and Reducing Violence Against Women on Post-Secondary Campuses


Reporting:  If you would like to report an incidence of violence or a safety concern on campus, please call Campus Police at 905-828-5200 (emergency: 905-569-4333) or visit their website for more information about reasons to contact Campus Police Services, reporting options, and what to expect/how Campus Police will respond.  

If you have experienced a sexual assault, please click here for information or assistance.


Project Partners:

Thank you to all of the campus and community partners that have contributed to the success of the CampUS Safety Project including:

  • Interim Place
  • MIAG Centre for Diverse Women and Families
  • Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres
  • Peel Regional Police - Community Safety Division
  • Peel Committee Against Women Abuse
  • Social Planning Council of Peel
  • Credit Valley Hospital & Trillium Health Centre Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Services
  • UTM Health & Counselling Centre
  • UTM Association of Graduate Students (UTMAGS)
  • UTM Campus Police
  • UTM Department of Student Housing & Residence Life
  • UTM Students' Union (UTMSU)
  • UTM Women's Centre
  • UTM Women & Gender Studies Program
  • UTM Equity & Diversity Office
  • U of T Community Safety Office
  • U of T Status of Women Office




Interim Place logoFor more information on CampUS, contact:

Jacqueline Benn-John, CampUS Project Manager