Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshop

Be creative. Build skills and practice strategies to support your wellness. 

Location: Gym A/B, RAWC






11:00  am

Being Positive in the Times of the Climate Crisis

Join UTM's Sustainability Office for a facilitated session on coping with the climate crisis, using the book titled "All We Can Save" and "Feel Circle" as a guide. The session will feature a meaningful discussion on solutions to cope with climate anxiety and how to feel supported by your community. To end, students are welcome to join us for a walk through UTM's Nature Trail and absort all the healing ways of nature. 

The Sustainability Office at UTM is responsible for promoting and maintaining a broad range of sustainability initiatives through the engagement of the UTM community. Learn more at www.utm.utoronto.ca/green/.


UTM Sustainability Office

12:00 pm

Building Financial Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World

In this interactive workshop, participants will be guided through the exploration of the three facets that make up financial wellness: one's relationship with money, the positionality of money in one's life, and one's money management skills. Participants will be guided in exploring areas of their financial life that requires improvement. You will be assisted in crafting a realistic action plan that will you to begin acquiring money management skills and tools to build a solid foundation for future financial mastery and well-being. 

Dr. Radha Maharaj has a PhD in Economics and currently teaches at the Institute of Communications, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT), at the University of Toronto. Dr. M is the creator of the Elly Project - an initiative that bridges financial literary and creative expression with the goal of building financial wealth-building knowledge. 


Professor Radha Maharaj | Institute of Communications, Culture, Information & Technology (ICCIT), UTM
1:00 pm 

Journaling for Self-Care

Self-esteem refers to our subjective idea of self-value and self-worth. Simply put, it relates to how much we are able to appreciate and life ourselves. Many people struggle with developing a health sense of self-esteem. In this workshop, we will learn how to use personal journaling prompts as a way to build self-esteem. We will talk about why this works and how to do it. Bring something to write with and plenty of paper as we will also be taking time to use writing prompts. The first 15 attendees will recieve a free journal!

Denise Alton is a Lead Counsellor at the UTM Health & Counselling Centre. As a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist, Denise works directly with students in educational settings to support in managing anxiety, depression, procrastination and relationships amongst many other issues of concern. Through her work, Denise values the impact of culture, race, gender, ability and sexuality on our perpectives and values. 


Denise Alton | Lead Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre
2:00 pm 

Flower & Leaf Pressing Workshop

Working with plants, flowers and soil has long been used to support and enhance wellness. Horticultural Therapy refers to the therapeutic benefits of garden environments on our general mental health and well-being. Horticultural Therapy helps improve memory, attention, motivation, and socialization skills. In this workshop, we will use leaves and other plant materials to explore these benefits further. Free materials will be provided to the first 20 students who attend this workshop!

Sarah is a psychology PhD student at the Health, Adaptation, Research on Trauma (HART) Lab. Her research interests include stress and trauma in specific populations. Sarah's research projects focus on interventions (i.e. therapeutic horticulture) to support the mental and physical well-being of undergraduate students.  


Sarah Scott | PhD Candidate, Health Adaptation Research on Trauma Lab (HART)
3:00 pm 

Wellness Walks

Walk your way to better wellness! Walking can be a great and easy way to engage in physical activity and meet your recommended daily dose of exercise. Join us for a 20 minute walk around the beautiful, natural trails of our campus. During this time, we will explore the health benefits of walking and how you can incorporate this practice into your daily routine. 

Wellness Ambassadors are student leaders who are passionate about promoting wellness, and helping to build a healthy UTM community.  


Wellness Ambassadors | UTM Health & Counselling Centre