Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

Be creative!

Attend a Wellness Workshop to take a break in your day for some self-care and self-expression.

Time: 3 pm - 4 pm all week

Zoom link: 916 1790 5843






Monday, Sept 21st

3 pm – 4 pm

"We Be Jammin'!" How to make Homemade Jam

Vegetables and fruits are so good for us, but they are also the foods most likely to be thrown away before being eaten.  If you are trying to save money and reduce your food waste - join UTM's Dietitian Kimberly Green to learn how to make quick 'refrigerator' jam using up tired fruit before it goes bad! This type of jam also has much less sugar than most store-bought jams.  Use it as a yogurt or ice cream topping, or on your morning toast.

Kimberly Green, Dietitian, UTM Health & Counselling Centre

Tuesday, Sept 22nd

3 pm – 4 pm

Writing for Self Care 

Writing is a simple practice that can tap our creativity and self-expression and offer another tool for caring for ourselves and our well-being. In this small group, one hour workshop we will work through short writing exercises to learn more about ourselves and make space for expressing ourselves in the moment. A chance to share writing pieces will be provided for those who are interested. 

Madeline Keogh, Personal Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre

Wednesday, Sept 23rd

3 pm – 4 pm

Make Your Own Mini-Zine!

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn to make a mini-zine (a tiny handmade book) from a single piece of paper. Zines have no rules and anyone can make them, no skills required. Mini-zines are a great way to capture your thoughts, rants, drawings, jots, poetry and writing about a single topic, or everything all at once.  During this workshop, we’ll guide you through the process to create your own zine, and many zines to come. Mini-zines are easy to photocopy and share with distant friends and loved ones, or keep and collect as a private record of your experiences of these weird and challenging COVID times. All you need is a piece of paper,  a pen, and a point of view.

Day Milman & Trish Starling, Hart House

Thursday, Sept 24th, 3 pm – 4 pm

What's in a Breath? Simple Meditation Techniques for Mental Health

In this workshop, Prof. Farb will discuss the role of meditation in promoting mental health and well-being. We will explore 2 different techniques: one for calming the mind and finding relief from stress, and a second for re-engaging with life and exploring new solutions to our most chronic concerns. No experience necessary! We'll talk a bit about the science and theory and then try to focus on practice.

Prof. Norm Farb, UTM Department of Psychology

Friday, Sept 25th, 3 pm – 4 pm

Feeling stressed and tired? Try Yoga Nidra

The reality of COVID makes many of us experience sleep disruption and more stress than usual. This hour-long workshop will offer an experience of deep relaxation through the practice of yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep.  During the workshop, you'll learn what this practice is all about.  You'll also be invited to try it out: lying still while I gently lead you on a spoken journey which includes setting an intention, deep physical relaxation, and visualization.  Research shows that participation in yoga Nidra stimulates delta wave activity, the kind of brain waves that typically take place during deep stage sleep, which may be why some people find yoga Nidra to produce among the deepest possible states of relaxation and restoration while still maintaining full consciousness.

Emily Reed, Personal Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre