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Monday, Sept 20 

12 – 1 pm

Welcome to the 2021 Be Well UTM Fair

Join us for the official opening and welcome remarks for the 2021 Be Well UTM Fair, led by Prof. Alexandra Gillespie,
Vice-President & Principal, University of Toronto Mississauga.

Prof. Alexandra Gillespie,
Vice-President & Principal
University of Toronto Mississauga


Tuesday, Sept 21 

12 – 1 pm

Identity Loss and Recovery: How to Protect the Self when Everything Else Changes

Our sense of identity is deeply tied to our daily routines and informed by the physical cues we take in through our senses. When these daily routines and sensory experiences are disrupted, we can be left feeling like we have lost our sense of self and our control over our own lives. This webinar explores the science of identity, what it means to "feel like yourself", the importance of recognizing what is under your control and what is not, and how to recover and protect that sense of self in the midst of massive upheaval and potential "re-entry" anxiety.

Prof. Sonia Kang, Canada Research Chair in Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion & Special Advisor on Anti-Racism and Equity, University of Toronto Mississauga


Wednesday, Sept 22

12 – 1 pm

Building Financial Resilience in a Post- Pandemic World 

The pandemic has left an indelible financial mark on society. Moving forward, as individuals we all have the opportunity, to reflect and reform our understanding and mastery of financial tools and techniques to build more resilient financial future.  

Prof. Radha Maharaj, UTM Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT)


Thursday, Sept 23

12 – 1pm


Zoom: https://utoronto.zoom.us/j/82729797947

(Description TBA)

Christopher Siu, Business Owner and Baker, Daan Go Cake Lab & Winner of Masterchef Canada


Friday, Sept 24

12 – 1 pm

Staying positive: How positive emotions can help us be happy, healthy, and resilient

Has the pandemic left you feeling a bit more "negative" lately? Join us for this workshop and learn about the importance of cultivating positive emptions (e.g. awe, gratitude and compassion) as a way to support happiness and wellbeing. These emotions encourage us to focus our attention away from ourselves and outward, towards other people and our broader environment. The goals of this workshop are to: 1) teach you about the science behind positive emotions, 2) offer data-driven advice about how to incorporate them into your own life, and 3) have you take part in brief interactive activities to help you cultivate these emotions.

Prof. Jenny Stellar, Assistant Professor, UTM Psychology