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Monday, Sept 21st

12 pm – 1 pm

Do you feel like you have too many things to juggle this academic year? Me too! Let’s talk about it!

This academic year most of us may be dealing with aspects of our lives that we previously may not have thought about, such as too much online course time, personal space limits, and difficult news. In this session, we will chat about some of the challenges we may be facing this academic year and brainstorm ideas on how we can approach addressing some of these challenges.

Prof. Sanja Hinic-Frlog, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Biology

Tuesday, Sept 22nd

12 pm – 1 pm

Building Social Connections

Let's connect and support each other in chatting about how isolating this pandemic can feel! With changes to our school structure, together we will share strategies for increasing our social connections, managing feelings of loneliness, and how to still prioritize some fun!

Lauren Drouillard, Personal Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre

Wednesday, Sept 23rd

12 pm – 1 pm

Cultivating Financial Wellness through the "Be Do Have" Method 

This talk will explore how we can use the "Be Do Have" method to improve our financial well-being especially during a pandemic.  An essential component of attaining financial well-being is understanding and practicing the difference between self-worth and net worth. Using the "Be Do Have" method we can take a step by step approach to extricate our self-worth from our net worth while simultaneously building our financial base.

Prof. Radha Maharaj, UTM Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT)

Thursday, Sept 24th, 12 pm – 1pm


Zoom: https://utoronto.zoom.us/s/97853228851

(Description TBA)

Humble the Poet

Friday, Sept 25th, 12 pm – 1 pm

Cannabis & Coping: Get Your Answers Here!

Join us as we host an evidence-informed talk on the pros and cons of cannabis use as a coping strategy for stress. Introducing the current science behind cannabis, the aim of this discussion is to support you in making informed decisions related to cannabis that will ultimately help lower potential health-related risks associated with use. This session is non-judgmental and all questions are welcomed!

Prof. Karen Woodall, UTM Department of Forensic Science