Mental Health Hour

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Be mindful. Attend a Mental Health Hour to learn practical skills for your mental health and wellbeing, and increase your motivation and energy to mindfully create the changes you want for yourself.

Time: 2 pm - 3 pm all week

Format: Virtual (Zoom)






Monday, Sept 20 

2 – 3 pm

Let's Get Social: Making Friends in the New 'Normal'

The last year and a half have been an interesting time to say the least! We've been cooped up at home and gotten used to a new life of solo time and virtual connections. As the Fall semester starts and campus begins to open back up, many folks are feeling some understandable nerves about seeing people in-person again. We may be in a new city for the first time, feeling out of practice at in-person conversation, or just generally uneasy about yet another change, and unsure of how to make connections and friends on campus. Worry not! This workshop will be a space to talk about the social impacts of the pandemic, as well as feelings of loneliness, and anxiety around being social. Together, we'll talk about strategies to calm those nerves and get/stay connected with friends.

Lauren  Drouchard, MSW, RSW (She/Her), Personal Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre


Tuesday, Sept 21 

2 – 3 pm

Getting some ZZZZ’s

Many students struggle to prioritize getting rest or find it challenging to fall asleep.  This one-hour workshop will focus on why sleep is important and how it impacts the way we manage everything that goes on during the day. We’ll be discussing an introduction to sleep hygiene and tips on implementing such strategies to improve the quality of our sleep.

Katrina Levasseur Nedamat, MSW, RSW (She/Her), Personal Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre


Wednesday, Sept 22

2 – 3 pm


Inviting all BIPOC and QTBIPOC students to join us for this supportive, inclusive community circle where we will create a safe environment to discuss and reflect on our intersectional identities and lived experiences.  This group will be facilitated by racialized counsellors from the Health & Counselling Centre.  Come to chat, share and connect with your peers on a variety of student driven topics with a specific focus on our cultural and racial identities and experiences.  

Join us for our first meeting as we launch this new monthly group at the Be Well Fair. In our first session we’ll be discussing the terms BIPOC and QTBIPOC and exploring as a group their origins, what they represent, along with your own experiences, views and how you relate to your own identity. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the facilitator of this group at    

Vi Phan, MSW, RSW (She/Her), Personal Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre


Thursday, Sept 23

2 – 3 pm

Lifting your Mood

Do you often find yourself feeling down or sad? Or perhaps struggle with having enough motivation or energy to do the things you want or need to do? This 1-hour workshop is for anyone who has concerns with low mood and what’s sometimes referred to as depression. Together, we will learn more about depression, how it affects us, and practical changes we can make to improve our mood.

Denise Alton, MSW, RSW (She/Her), Lead Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre


Friday, Sept 24

2 – 3 pm

Self-Compassion: Bringing Kindness to our Struggles

Thinking kindly about ourselves can be challenging when we struggle.  Developing compassion for ourselves, acknowledging when things are challenging and treating ourselves well can provide a sense of hope and well-being.  In this workshop, we assess our current level of self-compassion, how we can increase the kindness we show ourselves and explore why this matters.

Denise Alton, MSW, RSW (She/Her), Lead Counsellor, UTM Health & Counselling Centre