Groups & Workshops

Groups & Workshops are powerful vehicles for change. When we participate in a group with others who are living with similar concerns, we begin to realize that we are not alone in our struggles. We explore and learn new skills, practicing these in the safety of the group. Groups can be an empowering experience; feeling the support of the facilitator(s) and fellow group members can increase our motivation and energy to create the change we want for ourselves.

Please check out the groups outlined below and choose one that you believe is a good fit for you: 

Groups coming in Fall 2020

Myth Busting the "Quarantine-15"!

Facilitator: Lauren Drouillard & Kimberly Green

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2020

Time: 10:30am - 11:30pm

Location: Zoom (Invitation will be sent the evening before the workshop)

During quarantine, there has been a lot of pressure to focus on and control our body shape and size through rigid diet and exercise routines. Through this pressure, we've seen an increase of misinformation being shared online, encouraging unhealthy practices, and negatively impacting our mental health.
Please join the HCC's dietitian, Kimberly Green, and counsellor, Lauren Drouillard, for a live Q&A session; myth-busting misinformation about the "quarantine-15" and providing strategies to manage unhealthy body image thoughts and pressures, as well as how to nourish ourselves and move our bodies in compassionate and helpful ways.

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commUNIty Drop-IN Support Group

Facilitator: Lauren Drouillad

Date & Time: TBD

Please join us for this virtual drop-in group: a safe online meeting space for UTM students to connect, support each other, and pick up some general coping strategies for managing student life.  Each week, an HCC counsellor will introduce a topic for discussion and provide students with an opportunity to talk with each other about what is on their minds. Participants can request topics for future sessions and are encouraged to bring their lived experience and wisdom to the table! Together, we'll talk about how to build a community at UTM, live out our values, and discuss how we are doing moment to moment. 

Students can register and drop-in as their scheduling and availability allows

Check back regularly for updates.

Struggling with Sleep Group

Facilitator: Emily Reed

Date & Time: TBD

This three-week group will provide students with psychoeducation about sleep and some of the barriers to getting a good night's rest.  The group will be based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-Insomnia principles and will support group members in understanding how their ways of thinking, as well as their behaviours, can interfere with a restful night.  Together, over three weeks, group members will be introduced to several techniques, including sleep logs to support the development of more restorative sleep.  For students to receive the maximum benefit from this group, attendance to all sessions and completion of sleep-related homework assignments between sessions is required.  

Check back regularly for updates.


Strengthening your Resilience

Facilitator: Madeline Keogh

Date & Time: TBD

Stress is a part of life. Being able to cope with the stresses and challenges that come up in our lives and persevere through stressful life events is important to our well-being in university and in life.

In this series of workshops, we will take a deep dive into stress, our personal responses to stress and the keys to enhancing our ability to cope with stress. You will learn ways to tap your own resources and strengthen your resilience in times of stress.

Check back regularly for updates.