Pest Management

Keeping the research greenhouse, growth rooms and growth chambers free from pests require collaborative effort from the researchers and staff.  Negative effects of negligence also affect everyone in the facility.

Here are some of the ways to maintain pest-free research plants:


Prevention is the best way to keep your plants free from pests.  Measures to prevent pest infestation include use of clean or sterile plant material, soil and pots and immediate removal of dead plant materials or fungal growth on soil.  We strongly discourage introducing plant material from other growth facilities, including within UTM.  If you need to bring in plants from other facilities: please make sure to only bring in plants with no visible insects and only after washing your plants' foliage and pots.



Blue and yellow insect traps are available at research greenhouse rooms and growth facilities.  Feel free to grab some to place next to your plants.  Inpect  insect traps and your plants regularly.   Moving your plants around will dislodge pests hidden from view.  Contact us if you need assistance in identifying pests or diagnosing problems.



Researchers are encouraged to control pests by using biocontrol, non-pesticide treatments (e.g., soap in water) and discontinuing experiments followed by running the glasshouse or growth chambers at maximum temperature for several days. Pesticide use should be used as a last emergency resort to save critically important experiments and requests for pesticide use should be sent to the Senior Research Associate. Pesticide use on plants is permitted provided that the individual performing the pesticide application is properly licensed and trained to do so, and proper healthy and safety protocols are followed. 

You can puchase biocontrols from Stacey Hickman at NiC.  If you need assistance in putting an order for biocontrols please complete the pest request form.  Invoice will be forwarded to the principal investigator.


Need more info?

For more information, we recommend checking out and other pest management resources.

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