All researchers including undergraduate researchers must receive training on safety, protocols and procedures before using the facilities. 


Mandatory Training


  • Basic Training

The online course EHS002 Basic Health and Safety Awareness Training satisfies the provincial legislation O. Reg. 279/13 where it is mandated that all employees in Ontario must complete a basic occupational health and safety awareness training program. This regulation applies to all researchers including volunteers and summer students.  Follow the instructions here for online Basic Health and Safety Awareness training. 


  • WHMIS and Lab Safety Training

The online course EHS101 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Lab Safety Training is designed for those who work or study with or near hazardous material in wet labs.  The course is a basic introduction to labelling, materials safety data sheet requirements of the WHMIS legislation (O.R.860).  It also covers basic aspects of chemical and general lab safety hazards.  Follow the instructions here for online WHMIS and Lab Safety training. 

Please ask your supervisor if other training, such as Biosafety or Radiation Safety training are required, or contact EHS Office for training requirements.


  • Research Greenhouse Training

This is a workplace specific training administered by the Greenhouse Coordinator at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.  This training will include but is not limited to how to acquire access to the facility, best practices for avoiding movement of pests, protocols related to storage of materials and equipment, clean-up during and after experiments and how to report problems, and protocols related to an emergency.

Due to COVID-19, the Research Greenhouse Training is online through Quercus. Submit a research greenhouse training request at least one month in advance of using the facility and two weeks prior to the desired training date. Prior to training, please review UTM Growth Facilities Standard Operating Procedures and PPC-1 practices which can be found in


Equipment Training

Protocols for proper use of equipment in the Research Greenhouse are available here. If you require in-person training please submit an equipment training request




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