Research-Based Graduate Programs

The following are the research-based graduate programs at UTM:

  • Anthropology lab
  • Biology fieldwork
  • Chemistry glassware
  • Image of plants
  • Specimens in hand
  • Globe
  • Historical art book
  • Mathematical formula
  • Health Sciences Complex at UTM
  • Inside the Health Sciences Complex at UTM
  • Laser
  • Measuring the mind
  • Students walking through ICCIT building


To learn more about research-based academic opportunities at U of T (MA, MSc and PhD programs), please visit the School of Graduate Studies' website. 


While the different campuses of U of T have separate undergraduate programs, the graduate programs for many disciplines are shared across all three campuses, and faculty on all campuses participate fully in the graduate programs. Graduate students may choose to affiliate with any of the three campuses.  Please consult the following link for more information regarding graduate student affiliation.

Campus Affiliation Form