Erindale College Council

The Computing and Data Communications Committee met on October 28, 2002, Room 3138.

Present: N. Collins, P. Donoghue, D. Hill, J. Lim, I. Murray, J. Poe, S. Qureshi, J. Seel (Chair), D. Smith, A. Vyas

  1. Approval of the Agenda
    Approved with one change. Under New Business, a. Election of a new chair was changed to Discussion about the New Chair.

  2. Minutes of the Previous Minutes - no previous minutes

  3. New Business
    a. Election of new chair - changed to Discussion of a new chair

    P. Donoghue talked about the restructuring at UTM and mentioned that a committee would be struck to look at the current by-laws of UTM and determine the appropriate changes, if any, to the mandate and membership of the standing committees of Council. Because of this, he asked the Chair, J. Seel, to remain on for a few more months until this by-law committee had met and a decision had been made about the Computing & Data Communications Committee's mandate and membership. With the Committee's approval, J. Seel agreed.

    b. Report from Joe Lim, Manager, Computing Services

    (1) Computing Services Staff and MicroElectronics staff are now housed together in a newly renovated work area with a consolidated front service desk. The work of both units has also been consolidated on the Trouble Ticket. Phase II of the renovation, rewiring the server room, should be finished in a month.

    (2) Computing Services has also taken over responsibility for voice communication at UTM. T. Kao is now in Computing Services. In about a month, it will be possible to report telephone problems or request a new telephone over a Trouble Ticket system.

    (3) Duncan Hill is the new College Webmaster and Andrew Wang is the new CCIT Lan Administrator.

    (4) This summer K109, the Computing Centre Lab, and the Library Lab were upgraded with computers that include a CD ROM Read/Write drive on each unit. In addition, Computing Services is encouraging students to use the USB Memory keys to store data instead of floppy drives.

    (5) The Wireless Network is now available in many parts of UTM such as the South Building Cafeteria, the Meeting Place, the Library, the Student Centre, part of the Kaneff Centre and part of the North Building. A coverage map is available on the Computing Services Web site. Computing Services will be advertising an incentive program to encourage students to try out this service.

    (6) U of T has now purchased a site license for Norton Antivirus software for all campus machines as well as home machines of faculty staff and students. The software is free to those with a UTORID. Updates will be automatic on campus machines but will have to be done manually on home computers. Details are on the Computing Services Web site. A CD version of the software can also be borrowed from Computing Services.

    (7) 716 students out of 1000 students in Residence have been connected to the backbone. Because of problems with mega-downloads, St. George has imposed download limits on the Residence computers. Each user is limited to 750 megabytes of uploads or downloads per week. Penalties are: first offence, service cut off for 24 hours; second offence, service cut off for 1 week; third offence, service cut off permanently. St. George is also restricting IRC traffic to late evening & night hours.

    (8) Network Attached Storage has been made available to both students and staff. Students have 10 MB of permanent storage. This is the H drive (My Files) and the I drive (My Web) in the labs. Staff's disk quota is now 100 MB.

    (9) The staff mail server is currently being upgraded for faster access.

    (10) Since September there have been many security problems. Firewalls will eventually be installed. The North Building and the Registrar's Office are currently test sites for the software. St George is also closing down known ports used by hackers and promoting firewalls.

    (11) Computing Services is currently testing a colour laser printer for faculty, staff and students. They are looking
    at charging only 40 cents - 60cents per sheet.

    (12) SPAM. Computing Services can't keep up with it. They have looked at several software options but none do
    a great job. The problem is that as soon as a site is blocked, the blocked site is regenerated and messages sent from
    there. They are looking at developing a "safe list" like Yahoo mail and Hotmail do.

    (13) Registrars Office is having the UTM calendar put in a database so that any changes made are automatically changed on the Web site as well.

    c. Report of Anil Vyas, Manager, Microelectronics

    (1) MED staff are now using the Trouble Ticket for reporting all problems and requests. They will advertise to faculty and staff that the site is available.
    (2) Many upgrades have been done over the last few months with the MMPA group, Biotech, CABB and some AV upgrades in classrooms.
    (3) Will be helping some Research labs move to the CABB building.

    d. Report from the Library

    (1) As mentioned, the Library lab has been upgraded and additional computers have been made available to students throughout the Library. Over 100 computers will be available for student access.
    (2) The new Library system was installed this summer and we now have a new Web catalogue as well as new circulation and cataloguing modules.
    (3) Wireless access is now available on all floors of the Library.

    e.UTM "moved mail" policy

    (1) Many years ago, this Committee recommended a Moved Mail Policy that if anyone's Inbox grew to 1 MB a warning would be sent giving the user 21 days to lower the Inbox size and if the Inbox grew to over 5 MB, the mail would be moved out of the Inbox to a MovedMail folder. This was done when the shared hard drive size was relatively small and people were receiving relatively small e-mails without attachments. Computing Services is going to install a new mail server with more hard drive space. The following amended Moved Mail Policy is now recommended: Each user to have 100 MB disk quota. If Inbox size grows to 10 MB, a warning note is sent asking the user to lower the Inbox size within 10 days. If the Inbox grows to over 15 MB, the mail from the Inbox will be moved to a MovedMail folder. Users will be notified with details when the new server is in place.

    f. Institutional email

    (1) All students will need to have a UTOR Mail account to receive mailings from ROSI. When a student logs into their mail downtown, the site contains news and information pertinent to downtown users but not UTM users. Computing Services has asked St. George is they can create a site with information pertinent to UTM users. St George is looking into this. If they can create such a site, all student e-mail at UTM will be moved to UTOR Mail next September.

    g. Trouble Ticket

    (1) Computing Services will send out an e-mail informing staff and faculty that all problems or requests to Computing Services or MicroElectronics must be placed on the Trouble Ticket. The message will explain how to get to the Trouble Ticket site as well as how to check the status of the jobs that they have placed on the Trouble Ticket.

  4. Other Business
    No other business.

  5. Next Meeting - Monday, November 25, 2002

  6. Adjournment