Erindale College Council

MINUTES OF THE COLLEGE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council held on Monday, February 3rd, 2003 at 3:10 p.m., in the Ante Chamber, South Building

PRESENT: E. Martin (In the Chair), P. Donoghue, R. Baker, M. Overton, B. Barton, B. Murck, I. Wiecek, D. Hamilton, J. Malcolm, P. Nagra, D. Borowski, A. Bellerby, A. Birkenbergs, I. Still, C. Boyd, S. Kessler, C. McGrath, J. McCurdy-Myers, D. Crocker, M. Mavrinac, N. Collins, C. Ferencz Hammond
REGRETS: J.P. Poë, I. Orchard, M. Lettieri, G. Crawford, A. Mirza, K. Nugent, T. Mann, G. White, W. Sikora, M. Sullivan, R. Hopkins, S. Kibria, J. Donovan, J. Binks, P. Ash, C. Capewell, L. Collins, K. Duncliffe, J. Lim, L. Paris, G. Richter, A. Vyas, U. Krull, M. Marji

  1. Adoption of the Agenda
    The Agenda was approved. (J. McCurdy-Myers / N. Collins)

  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
    The Minutes of the January 14, 2003 joint meeting of the College Affairs and Resource Planning and Priorities Committee were approved (N. Collins /M. Mavrinac).

  3. Business Arising from the Minutes

  4. Report of the Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee: UTM/Evergreen cooperative naturalization project - N. Collins

    N. Collins reported that the Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee has been in contact with Evergreen, an environmental education/action organization to explore an accelerated naturalization plan of several key areas of UTM involving substantial money invested in native plantings. N. Collins explained that Evergreen is in the process of submitting a number of grant applications, which include requests for support of UTM's locations. P. Donoghue added that he would recommend a $10,000 contribution towards this project to Principal's Table for approval. The UTM/Evergreen Naturalization Project steering committee would include representatives from faculty, staff, students, Evergreen, and the City of Mississauga.

    Motion THAT the report of the Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee be accepted (N. Collins/ D. Borowski).

    A member suggested that High School students could be involved in this project as part of their community service requirement. Another member suggested that Residence students might be interested in volunteering for this project as well. There was some discussion of a vermin infestation in some of the overgrown areas around the residences. N. Collins commented that he would investigate the matter. It was also suggested that a Residence staff member be a member of the steering committee for the naturalization project.

    The Motion was called to question. The Motion was carried.

  5. New Business:

    a) UTM in Context - Presentation by Diana Borowski, Director, Development, Alumni & Public Affairs

    Diana Borowski, Director of the Development, Alumni & Public Affairs department presented a report on UTM's connection to the outside community, especially Mississauga. She commented on some distinct advantages that Mississauga enjoys, which include a positive environment for business, a diverse community and a large demand for a well-educated workforce. In addition she pointed to several existing Mississauga business clusters that have benefited UTM in terms of partnerships. Some of these partnerships include the Principal's Advisory Council, the Cities and Health Project in conjunction with the World Health Organization, and the Living Arts Centre. She stated that the community around UTM is looking for opportunities to connect to the many resources and expertise that UTM offers and stressed that these areas of cooperation be embraced by this committee and by UTM in general. She also emphasized and encouraged the use of "UTM" and "campus" as opposed to "Erindale College", as the term "College" tends to confuse the outside community.

    b) Update on the activities of QSS (Quality Service to Students) - M. Overton

    Mark Overton reported on the activities of QSS, an organization that is a forum for issues relating to the quality of student life. This committee also considers the budgets of ancillary fee operated services, including Athletics, Health Centre, and the Shuttle and Child Care budget. He reported that QSS is currently in the midst of these budget discussions and the approval of budgets for next year. He also gave an update on the past year's activities. He stated that the year saw the group's involvement in a student leadership development program and substantial participation in academic orientation. He explained that QSS was the main coordinating committee, between the administrative academic orientation unit, ECSU, EPUS, AGSAE, and the Athletics council. He added that the next orientation might feature the participation of an Elder from the Mississauga tribe, to give a ceremonial start to the year. Regarding the Shuttle transit subcommittee, its recommendation was to continue along the three-year plan, which was approved last year - a move that will mean a fare free system. He explained that UTM students, who pay a fee as part of their ancillary fees, will subsidize the operation of the shuttle for UTM students. Others, faculty/staff, St. George and Scarborough students, will continue to pay the average real cost per ride. He informed the Committee, that last year, QSS moved away from subsidizing an actual child care centre to a system of direct support for parents. He noted that this year, a pool of grant money exists, which has been collected from students and will be used to fund students whose existing needs have not been met by other organizations at the University. He reported that QSS is also working on the formation of a committee to study the long-term opportunity and need for child care services on or near the campus. He reported that QSS had been asked to form a study space working group to look at the availability and use of study space on campus. Additionally, M. Overton reported that he will also study the voting membership of their QSS. The group, which falls under certain government protocols for appropriate member representation, will increase student seats, so that a balance is maintained between administrative and student voting members.

    c) Status of Building Projects - P. Donoghue

    Paul Donoghue gave an update on UTM's capital expansion projects. He announced that the contract for the CCIT facility was awarded to Ellis Don, with the target completion date of early August 2004. Regarding residence construction, he stated that Phase 7 (scheduled to open August 2003) is on target and on budget, and that a user's committee for Phase 8 is being established. Regarding UTM's new entrance, he stated that a committee had been struck, that the entrance's technical design was near completion, and that the same user's committee would consider the reconfiguration of the internal road system. This committee will also deal with parking structure design. In addition, he stated that talks with Springbank Visual Arts Centre were still ongoing, and he expressed optimism that the Centre's space will become available for UTM's use as a welcome centre in a few years. Regarding the Athletics facility, he explained that $21M had been confirmed for the project and that plans are moving forward. Concerning the Library, the space will be renovated for faculty and staff offices and student services once the new Student Learning Centre is completed. He also reported that talks are continuing between the City of Mississauga and UTM's neighbours, regarding re-development of the traffic flow and improvement of Mississauga Road - another public meeting is planned for February 24, 2003 where the City will be unveiling its plan for improved traffic flow and redevelopment of Mississauga Road.

    In response to a member's question, P. Donoghue explained that the new UTM entrance will be signalled and its location would be at the intersection of Collegeway and Mississauga Roads. In response to inquiries, P. Donoghue described how the internal road system might be reconfigured. A member suggested that either the replacement or re-facing of the stone signs at the entrances of the campus be examined.

  6. Other Business

    D. Borowski announced to the committee that Hon. Allan Rock, Minister of Industry of Canada, and Minister responsible for the economic elements of Canada's Innovation Agenda visited UTM. Mark Overton introduced and welcomed UTM's new Registrar and Director of Enrolment Management, Diane Crocker, to the Committee. C. McGrath announced that the Provost had struck a taskforce on student housing, which is looking at St. George housing issues around accessibility and space allocation - more information can be found on the Provost's website.
    P. Nagra reported that the Equity Issues Advisory Group was hosting follow-up town hall meetings at UTM, St. George and Scarborough to examine a framework for equity, as part of the larger planning document discussion. P. Nagra will inform the UTM community when the next meeting will be and he encouraged everyone to attend and share their views on equity issues.
    M. Mavrinac announced that the Snider Visiting Lecturer is Dr. David Schindler, a freshwater ecologist and the lecture is on Thursday, February 27 at 8:00 p.m. in the Matthews Auditorium.

  7. Next Meeting
    The next meeting of the College Affairs Committee will be on Monday, March 10, 2003.

  8. Adjournment
    Motion to adjourn by M. Overton. Seconded by M. Mavrinac. The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.