Erindale College Council

MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING OF ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL, held on Wednesday, March 5, 2003 at 12:15 p.m., in the Alumni Lounge Room 3138, South Building.

Present: J. Poë (in the Chair), S. Aster, G. Sprules, C. Ferencz Hammond
Regrets: I. Orchard, P. Donoghue, E. Martin, J. Seel, A. Mirza

The Minutes of the previous meeting (February 5, 2003) were approved with one amendment.

The Executive Committee met to set the agenda for the March 13, 2003 meeting of Erindale College Council. The Chair, J. Poë, called on the chair of each standing committee to summarize recent business and to submit potential agenda items.

As E. Martin was not able to be at the meeting, C. Ferencz Hammond reported on behalf of the College Affairs Committee. The committee met on February 3rd as reported at the last Executive Committee meeting. Items for business at the March 10th meeting include an update from the Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee by N. Collins and a report on the Athletics Facility by M. Overton. Due to E. Martin’s absence, M. Overton will also chair the March 10th meeting and report on behalf of the College Affairs committee at the March 13th meeting of Erindale College Council.

On behalf of the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee, Gary Sprules reported that the last meeting of the committee was on February 25th. At that meeting, K. Duncliffe and M. Overton had reported on an important change in the plans for the Athletics Facility – the relocation of the planned site and reuse of the existing Athletics Facility. He added that the committee endorsed the report in general, pending more detailed information on costs, which would be available at the beginning of April. The Committee’s next meeting is on March 25th. At the March 13th meeting of Erindale College Council, G. Sprules would call on K. Duncliffe and M. Overton to give a detailed report on the Athletics Facility.

As June Seel was not able to be at the meeting, C. Ferencz Hammond reported on behalf of the Computing and Data Communications committee. The committee met on February 24th. At that meeting, L. Paris and A. Vyas gave a report on campus thefts and the security measures that have been implemented in response. In addition, D. Hill gave details on recent changes to web accessibility laws. Potential items for business at the Mach 17th meeting of the committee are reports on summer projects, security measures and the backup project, given by the Computing and Microelectronics departments. It was agreed that J. Lim would report at the March 13th meeting of Erindale College Council.

On behalf of the Academic Affairs committee, S. Aster reported that the committee had not met since the last Erindale College Council meeting - its February 4th meeting was cancelled. The committee’s next meeting is scheduled for March11, 2003. Potential agenda items for this meeting are: a report on UTM and the Double Cohort, from M. Overton and D. Crocker, and an update on departmental planning, from I. Orchard. It was also suggested that it would be very useful to have a subject specific report on the grade 12 curriculum presented to UTM faculty. To this end, it was agreed that C. Boyd from the Academic Skills Centre would be asked to present on this subject to the committee.

The Vice President and Principal sent an itemized list of topics that would comprise his report at the College Council meeting. I. Orchard would give a presentation on enrollment growth projections, the University’s budget, UTM restructuring plans and a timetable for bringing plans to Council and its committees and on the partnership with the School of Continuing Studies.

J. Poë addressed the committee to raise the issue of campus security. She stated that as a result of her injury, she has had to rely on Campus Police for assistance over the past several months. As a result, she has discovered that there are two officers to police the campus at any one time. Following some discussion, she suggested, and the committee agreed that this issue be brought to the attention of the appropriate committee at a future meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.