Erindale College Council

MINUTES OF THE JOINT MEETING OF THE COLLEGE AFFAIRS AND RESOURCE PLANNING & PRIORITIES COMMITTEES of Erindale College Council held on Monday, January 12, 2004 at 3:10 p.m., in the Faculty Club, South Building.

Erindale College Council

PRESENT: J. Linley (In the Chair), P. Donoghue, R. Baker, J. Griffin, K. Hannah-Moffat, S. O’Connell, A. Mirza, M. Shaw, A. Bellerby, S. Bancheri, S. Kessler, C. Boyd, N. Collins, A. Lange, M. Overton, M. Jalland, J. Malcolm, J. Stevenson, D. Leeies, M. Georges, S. Munro, C. Capewell, G. Richter, J. Harkness, B. Barton, J. McCurdy-Myers, K. Kaun, C. McGrath, A. Vyas, S. McCarthy
REGRETS: K. Chadder, S. Al-Abdul-Wahid, P. King, D. Crocker, L. Collins

1. Adoption of the Agenda
The Agenda was approved. (G. Richter / A. Vyas)

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The report of the November 24, 2003 meeting of the College Affairs Committee was approved. (M. A. Mavrinac/ C. Boyd)

The report of the October 20, 2003 meeting of the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee was approved (P. Donoghue / C. Capewell).

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

4. New Business:
a) Ancillary Budgets / Financial Plans:
i) Residence
The Chair called on Christine Capewell, Director of Business Services to report on the Residences financial plan. She noted that the purpose of the current meeting is to review and approve the ancillary budgets, which will be sent to the St. George campus for approval. Long-range plans are presented, but rates will formally be set for the 2004-05 year only. She stated that all four ancillaries have viable financial plans.

Ms. Capewell called on C. McGrath, Director of Residence to present the Residence Services Management Report. He distributed a supplement to the Executive Summary, which compared UTM rates to those of other like sized universities. He further reported on key accomplishments of the Residence Centre over the past year. He noted that Erindale Hall was awarded an architectural award of excellence by Canadian Architect Magazine. He reported that first year students make up 80% of residence enrolment. The University is striving for a 50/50 first year to upper year representation, however this ratio at UTM is projected to be 70/30 for 2006. For the upcoming year, he reported that no major new programs would be added, but the Centre is planning to collaborate with Computing Services to have phone numbers and internet services operational when students move in. Several other improvements are planned, including, augmenting laundry services, introducing card access services, upgrading the interior finishes in Leacock Lane (Phase 4) and the floor of all townhouses to try to eliminate the pest problem. In addition, the mould problem in McGrath valley will also be addressed and laundry services will be augmented. In July of 2004, the Centre, in cooperation with the Academic Skills Centre will launch a pre-orientation program to incoming students. A new student position of Academic Programmer will also be added to provide peer-to-peer basic academic advice to residence students. C. McGrath noted UTM rates compare favourably with those of other institutions - a 6½% increase on average, as compared to a 5-12% increase on average at other campuses. UTM also plans to evaluate the assignment process of family and graduate housing to better match the UTM housing cycle with this population’s unusual housing cycle.

C. Capewell, reported on the budget and the long-range financial plan. She explained that the forecast has a planned deficit because of current building projects.
Revenues are expected to be close to budget, except for the summer session, which are significantly lower than budget due to SARS and the related reluctance of students to travel to the GTA during the spring and summer of 2003. She reported that salaries, wages, and benefits expense is higher than budget due to the need to hire staff sooner and at higher levels than originally anticipated in setting the budget. Utilities expense is much lower than budget due to the receipt of a large rebate on hydro costs for the 2002-03 year. Major maintenance is also significantly higher than budget due to the need to pay for a retaining wall and the entranceway to Phase 7. The financial model results in an annual breakeven position 3 years after Phase 8 opens and an accumulated surplus 5 years after opening, in 2011-12. UTM will eliminate the deficit in three years, as opposed to the five-year requirement.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the Residence Services Operating Plan and Management Report be accepted. (C. Capewell/C. McGrath)

A member asked about the payoff dates of existing mortgages. Ms. Capewell explained that most mortgages are taken out for 25 years, with the next mortgage coming due in 2010. She added that some of the mortgages from UTM’s early history are for 50 years.

The Motion was called to question. The Motion was carried.

ii) Conference Services
Ms. Capewell reported that revenues for 2003-04 are expected to be $379,000 less than the original budget due to cancellations of bookings resulting from SARS. The planned contribution of $125,000 to UTM’s operating budget will be cancelled until the operation recovers to its former business level and can support this contribution. For the 2004-05 budget, total revenues are expected to increase by $184,000 due to a planned recovery for both accommodation and the related food revenues as compared to 2003-04. She noted that the Toronto Argonauts are back at UTM and that the service has plans to increase international business in the coming years.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the Conference Services Operating Plan and Management Report be accepted. (C. Capewell/A. Lange)

In response to a member’s question, Gale Richter, Manager of Conference Services explained that there is a greater need for more meeting spaces than there is for beds. She reported that the new CCIT building would alleviate some this problem in the summer of 2005, depending on the availability of space for conference bookings versus teaching space. She also added that prospective corporate clients are interested in upscale, ‘smart’ classrooms. In response to a member’s query, Ms. Capewell replied that the budget was on track and in good standing before cancellations related to SARS began to affect it.

The motion was called to question. The Motion was carried.

iii) Food Services
Ms. Capewell noted that the financial plan is based on current operations, and does not include the new Library, CCIT, and the Residence dining hall and meal plan. Total revenue for 2003-04 is expected to be approximately $259,000 more than the original budget. This is due to a conservative approach to the budget, higher than expected enrolment, the introduction of Pita Pit and Williams Coffee Pub, and the renovation of Tim Horton’s. Total expenses will be approximately $329,000 more than budget. This is due to the cost of sales, which is a direct offset to the sales revenue, the replacement of furniture in Spigel Hall, and the need to replace a walk-in freezer. She reported that visiting food directors, from several universities, attended UTM in November of 2003 and conducted studies and interviews with students to produce an assessment of UTM’s current food service operation. Because of the extensive changes food services will be experiencing over the near future, they recommended that UTM offer up its food contract for a bid. UTM issued a “Request for Proposals” in December 2003 due to expansion plans and related significant changes in operations. The Food Committee will be looking at incoming bids during the month of February and will be asking for substantial capital investment from the successful bidder. In the 2004-05 budget, sales are expected to increase due to enrolment increases, a full year’s operation of Williams Coffee Pub, and an improved summer for catering.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the Food Services Operating Plan and Management Report be accepted. (C. Capewell/S. McCarthy)

In response to a member’s question, Ms. Capewell listed the bidders on the UTM food service contract as Aramark, Panzarotto Pizza (North Building only), Chartwells, and Sodexho Marriott. The Student Centre is excluded from this bidding because ECSU is responsible for arranging for food services in that location.

A member commented on this year’s shorter line-ups, increased selection, and generally more efficient operation of UTM’s food services. The Chief Administrative Officer noted that UTM has chosen to exercise the early termination clause in its food contract with Aramark and put out a “Request for Proposal” for the $1.3M contract two years before it is required to do so. UTM wanted to signal that Aramark has not met UTM’s clearly articulated expectations. Ms. Capewell called for input in the deliberations of the Food Committee from members of the UTM community.

The Motion was called to question. The Motion was carried.

iv) Parking
The Chief Administrative Officer reported that the operating result for 2003-04 is lower than budget due to the costs associated with the expansion of Lot# 8. He added that initially the addition of 94 spots was planned, but because of the pressure to accommodate more students, the lot was expanded by 286 spots. In trying to maintain a 30% ratio as outlined under parking demand and supply in schedule 7 of the report, UTM is exploring other ways to impact the problem, such as ‘stretching’ the teaching week to better utilize all the physical resources, working with Mississauga Transit to expand routes to UTM, and instituting a carpooling program. The Chief Administrative Officer noted that UTM was able to function well this year with an approximately 27% parking to student ratio. He explained that because of longer than anticipated timelines for the approval of the above ground parking structures, UTM will need to consider some short-term strategies to deal with the parking shortage that is predicted for 2004-05. All such issues will be brought to the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee for consideration. He noted that schedule 5 of the parking report outlined the rate increases, which were approved last year as part of the multi-year plan.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the Parking Services Operating Plan and Management Report be accepted. (P. Donoghue/C. Capewell)

In response to a member’s query, the Chief Administrative Officer reported that the completion time for an above ground parking lot is estimated to be at least 12 months.

In response to member’s question on the possibility of Go Transit including a UTM stop on its Oakville to York University route, it was noted that discussions were ongoing.

A member commented on the high rate students will be expected to pay in the year 2009, and on the guest parking rate visitors to residence are expected to pay. The Chief Administrative Officer noted that the projected rate figures are less precise the further they are projected into the future. He further remarked that the university might follow the lead of many other campuses that have prohibited parking for undergraduate students who live in residence.

A member commented that the number of unreserved spots sold is unlimited, but that reserved spots are not oversold and suggested more of a price differentiation between these two types of parking lots. The Chief Administrative Officer noted that these rates are already differentiated, but could be even more so in the future. Another member remarked that unreserved parking spots at UTM are competitively priced compared to other universities and a large increase in demand would result if their rates were to be reduced.

A member noted his objection to the parking rates that staff are asked to pay.

The Motion was called to question. The Motion was carried, with one opposed.

5. Other Business:

6. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the College Affairs Committee will be on Monday, February 23, 2004. The next meeting of the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee will be on Monday, February 9, 2004.

7. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m. (S. Kessler / S. Bancheri)

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January 30, 2004