Erindale College Council

MINUTES of the Erindale College Council meeting held on Thursday, October 2, 2003 at 3:15 p.m., in the Council Chamber, South Building.

PRESENT: J. Poë, I. Orchard, P. Donoghue, G. Sprules, J. Seel, S. Aster, R. Beck, D. Swieton, D. Leeies, S. Munro, S. Abrahim, S. Al-Abdul-Wahid, A. Chen, K. Piascik, I. Haq, K. Chadder, L. Paris, J. Harkness, J. McCurdy-Myers, D. Crocker, J. Stevenson, J. Linley, J. Seel, I. Whyte, V. TeBrugge, M. Lettieri, C. Rubincam, M. Jalland, K. Kaun, Z. Beeharry, S. Deonarain, E. Toth, V. Barzda, J. Lim, L. Gaspini, K. Kormos, M. Shaw, B. Thompson, F. Russo, M.A. Mavrinac, J. Lee, A. Bellerby, T. Reza, A. Lange, G. Espie, S. Kibria, A. Mirza, P. Jadwani, T. Abrahim, B. Murck, W.R. Cummins, C. McGrath, F. Kojori, A. R. Cruden, M. Rennie, F. Montealagre, U. Krull
REGRETS: O. Fraser, E. Martin, Q. Shelley, A. Smith, I. Still

The Chair welcomed the UTM community to the first meeting of Council and asked that only last year’s council members should participate in the voting process.

1. Adoption of Agenda
The agenda was approved. (S. Al-Abdul-Wahid / I. Orchard)

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (April 11, 2003)
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. (P. Donoghue / U. Krull)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes.

4. Ratification of the new Erindale College Council membership
a) Ratification of the new elected and appointed members of Council
The Chair noted that all constituencies were filled with two exceptions. There are 34 seats filled out of an available 50 seats for full-time undergraduate students and there are 4 seats filled out of an available 14 seats for part-time undergraduate students. There is also a vacancy to be appointed in the retired members of the teaching staff and one member to be appointed from the Associates.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the new members who have been acclaimed and elected to Council be ratified by Council. (D. Crocker/ M.A. Mavrinac)
The motion was approved.

b) Election of the Vice-Chair and Chair of Council
The Chair announced that there was one nomination for Vice-Chair of Council, Mr. Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid, a graduate student in the department of Chemical and Physical Sciences. The Chair declared Mr. Wahid elected by acclamation. The Chair announced that there was one nomination for the Chair of Council, Professor Emeritus Roger Beck and she declared Prof. Beck elected by acclamation.

5. Reports of Standing Committees
a) Academic Affairs Committee (Report of September 16, 2003 meeting) – S. Aster

(i) The Canadian Innovation Agenda and the opportunity for creation of a Convergence Centre for sciences, health, management and policy at UTM.

Prof. Aster reported that the Committee met on September 16, 2003 and voted to approve the addition of the Convergence Centre as part of the overall strategic plan of the University of Toronto at Mississauga. The Committee also approved the creation of a small sub-committee to study the terms of reference and membership of the Academic Appeals Board and to report back to the Academic Affairs Committee. In addition, on behalf of the Vice-Principal Academic, the Chair reported to the Committee on the timelines involving the Provostial White Paper, Stepping Up.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the report of the Academic Affairs Committee be accepted. (S. Aster/ U. Krull)

The Motion was carried.

b) Computing and Data Communications Committee – upcoming business – J. Seel

Ms. Seel reported that the Committee had not met during the current term. The Committee’s next meeting on October 28, 2003 will feature agenda items on the White Paper and how it relates to computing, security issues, email problems as well as reports from both the Microelectronics and Computing departments on new initiatives.

c) College Affairs Committee (Report of September 22, 2003)

The Chair reported on behalf of the Chair of the College Affairs Committee that similar to the Academic Affairs Committee, the membership passed a motion to recommend to Council the addition of the Convergence Centre to the strategic plan of the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

d) Resource Planning and Priorities Committee – G. Sprules

i) Report of September 15, 2003 meeting and upcoming committee business for the term

Prof. Sprules reported that the Committee passed a motion regarding the addition of the Convergence Centre to the strategic plan of the University of Toronto at Mississauga. The Committee also received an update from the Chief Administrative Officer regarding departmental restructuring and the establishment of budgets related to the creation of academic departments. Information was presented to the Committee regarding parking, the introduction of new initiatives such as carpooling, new Mississauga Transit bus routes and a new online system for purchasing parking permits. On the status of the new entrance at The Collegeway and the related renovations to Mississauga Road, the Committee was informed that, the issue was currently under the consideration of the City of Mississauga. The Chief Administrative Officer also noted that at a future meeting a new approval process for capital and renovation projects would come under the Committee’s consideration. Finally, the Committee discussed the academic timetable and it was agreed that the Vice-Principal Academic and the Registrar would be consulted to offer the Committee’s help with this issue. Asked to give an idea of the Committee’s work over the coming year, Prof. Sprules listed a number topics relating to capital projects, including the library, wellness centre, phase 8 of residence, a parking structure, the new college entrance, as well as the academic timetabling issue.

It was duly moved and seconded
THAT Council accept the report of the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee. (G. Sprules / M. Lettieri)

ii) Update on capital construction projects – P. Donoghue.

The Chair called on the Chief Administrative Officer to augment the report of the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee. He reported that Erindale Hall opened on time and within its budget. The CCIT building was progressing on target for an August 1, 2004 opening and user groups were being planned to develop the building’s occupancy plan. Over the summer, a series of renovations to large classrooms were completed and will be continued next summer with smaller classrooms. He announced that architects were recently engaged for the new Library and the Athletics/Wellness Centre. In addition, he reported that UTM purchased the Springbank property this summer for $1M from the City of Mississauga. The site will be UTM’s welcome centre, with a projected opening date of summer 2005. He announced that the General Council of the City of Mississauga unanimously endorsed the reconstruction of Mississauga Road to include proper left turning lanes, enabling UTM to proceed with its planned new Collegeway entrance. Construction of the new entrance and a possible reconfiguration of the current main entrance will begin in May 2004. Mr. Donoghue also reported that UTM is in the process of establishing a space planning and management committee responsible for updating UTM’s space inventory and for developing medium and long-range plans regarding space management.

The Chair opened the floor to questions from Council. A member complimented staff, faculty, and students, on their cooperation and support during such heightened construction activity on campus. The Chief Administrative Officer added his congratulations to staff, who performed in an outstanding manner on several major and complicated renovations. In response to a member’s question about access to the parking facility under the CCIT building, Mr. Donoghue responded that it will be available for use in August of 2004. In response to a member’s query, he stated that he would investigate whether there is a plan to update the bike lanes on Mississauga Road.

The motion was called to question. The motion was approved.

6. Convergence Centre Motion – U. Krull

The Chair noted that at its April 11, 2003 meeting, Council was given the following notice of motion, with supporting motions from three of the Standing Committees:

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT Erindale College Council approve the addition of the Convergence Centre to the overall strategic plan of the University of Toronto at Mississauga, Erindale College. (U. Krull / I. Orchard)

The Chair opened the floor to discussion of the motion. A member asked for a description of the Convergence Centre and an update on the project’s progress. Professor Krull gave a brief description of the project and explained that UTM had applied for funding to the Biotechnology Cluster Innovation Program (BCIP) in order to develop an incubator. He further added that the Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation indicated interest in UTM’s development of a Convergence Centre and that UTM was announced as one of eleven other clusters to potentially receive funding for this project, recognizing the western GTA as a fundamental unit for a funding opportunity. This project hopes to build on UTM’s strength in the programmatic themes of entrepreneurial activities, educational platform, management and policy development. The goal of the endeavour is to attract funding to build educational resources, laboratory and classrooms space and renovate existing space for an incubator. In response to a member’s question, Professor Krull stated that no entrepreneurial or commercial space would exist at UTM; this activity would be located off-site, while UTM would focus on delivery of the academic portion of the endeavour.

The Motion was called to question. The Motion was carried.

7. Vice-President and Principal’s Report

The Vice-President and Principal thanked the UTM community for their hard work, patience and understanding during preparation for the double cohort and during the troubling times of the SARS outbreak and the power outage. He stressed that these contributions enabled UTM to function in a safe and effective way. He announced that the purpose of the Cornroast, scheduled for October 7 at Lislehurst, was to thank the UTM community for their service and to welcome them back to the new academic year. This event is also intended to be a launch of the United Way Campaign at UTM.

He also expressed his appreciation to members of Council for participating in the governance structure and thanked the outgoing Chairs of the standing committees for their contributions. In particular, he expressed his appreciation to outgoing Chair of Council, Mrs. Judith Poë, for her expert advice on matters related to governance and for the loyalty and citizenship she continually demonstrates to UTM. He also welcomed Professor Emeritus Roger Beck as the new Chair of Council. Prof. Beck’s tenure at UTM started in 1968. He is a very experienced administrator, having served on several boards and committees, including Governing Council, Academic Board, Academic Policy and Programs, the Budget Committee and on the Executive Committee of the University of Toronto. He was also Vice-Principal Academic, Associate Dean of Humanities, and acting Principal of UTM.

a) Priorities for the upcoming year

The Vice-President and Principal presented a report to Council on the current context of UTM and an overview of priorities for the upcoming year. He stated that the current expansion of UTM was initiated and enabled by the growth of the student population. Government funding and an increase in the University’s operating grant have enabled UTM to grow to 11,500 students by 2006/07. This year’s intake was close to 2500, accommodating the largest incoming class in UTM’s history. Prof. Orchard expressed his thanks to faculty who added additional course sections to accommodate this expansion. He noted that the growth is accompanied by challenges and priorities in enrolment management, flow through of students from first to later years, availability of preferred programs and classroom scheduling. Prof. Orchard stressed that these issues are a major priority and will be monitored continually.

Another effect of the growth and development was the restructuring of academic and administrative operations, including the establishment of Departments and the accompanying recruitment of Department Chairs. He expressed his appreciation to the new Departmental Chairs for taking on such a major responsibility and to the Chief Administrative Officer for the smooth transition of administrative operations to accommodate the above changes. He continued to discuss UTM’s priorities, including the recruitment and retention of high quality faculty, staff, and students. Accompanying the expansion of the student, staff and faculty population, are the concomitant development of teaching, research, and student spaces. The goal throughout this process is to create the best possible research, teaching, and campus environment.

The Vice-President and Principal showed an organizational chart, which outlined the reporting hierarchy of the senior administration. He noted that certain changes to the memorandum of agreement of the Faculty Association were approved through governance, allowing for the creation of the position of Dean of UTM. He also listed the newly created Departments in each divisional area.

Continuing to discuss UTM’s priorities, the Vice-President and Principal noted the importance of linkages with other divisions. Current collaborations exist with the Rotman School of Management, OISE and Pharmacy/Medicine and further linkages are being explored with Applied Science and Engineering and Law. Collaboration with the School of Continuing Studies has established a Continuing Studies Network at UTM.

Another important goal of UTM is to enhance partnerships with the City of Mississauga, with business, community, and educational leaders, and with the Provincial and Federal governments. The Vice-President and Principal congratulated the Chief Administrative Officer on his work with the City of Mississauga, enabling the renovation of Mississauga Road. Finally, Prof. Orchard talked about the major priority of enhancing quantity and quality of space, showing the location of each new building site on a map of UTM. He emphasized the importance of a ‘Grow Smart, Grow Green’ philosophy of expansion, whereby the quality of additional space is stressed.

b) The Provost’s White Paper

The establishment of the Departments and the accompanying academic restructuring has enabled UTM to respond to the Provostial White Paper, entitled “Stepping Up,” the final draft of which can be accessed on the Provost’s website. He noted that the Provost would be at UTM to receive feedback on the White Paper at an open town hall meeting on Thursday, October 16, at 3:30 p.m. in the Matthews auditorium, Kaneff Centre.

The Chair opened the floor to questions. A member asked about the inclusion of a new Science building in the capital blueprint of UTM. The Vice-President and Principal responded that although no current funding exists to formally plan for the project, a number of possibilities have been explored for a future building site. He added that the Vice-Principal Research would continue to lobby for funding in this regard.

8. Other Business

The Chair noted that positions in the two constituencies of part-time and full-time undergraduate students have not been filled and proposed that the deadline for receipt of nominations for these two constituencies be extended to Friday, October 17th.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the deadline for the receipt of nominations to Council and its Standing Committees for the full-time and part-time undergraduate students be extended until October 17, 2003. (P. Donoghue / S. Al-Abdul-Wahid).

A member proposed an amendment to the motion, stating that nominations only be accepted until the remainder of seats are filled.

The motion was called to question. The motion, as amended, was carried.

9. Next Meeting:

The next meeting of Council will be on Wednesday, November 5, 2003. The Chair passed the gavel to the new Chair. Prof. Beck expressed his compliments to the outgoing Chair, noting her devotion, leadership, and integrity of service to Council.

10. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m. (A. Mirza / I. Orchard)