Erindale College Council

MINUTES OF THE COLLEGE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council held on Monday, September 22, 2003 at 3:10 p.m., in Room 3129, South Building.

PRESENT: E. Martin (in the Chair), U. Krull, J. McCurdy-Myers, B. Barton, D. Hamilton, S. Kibria, J. Donovan, A. Bellerby, I. Still, K. Chadder, S. Kessler, L. Paris, G. Richter, A. Vyas, J. Poë, I. Orchard, M. Overton, S. McCarthy
REGRETS: P. Donoghue, N. Collins, J. Lim, C. Capewell, C. Boyd, J. Seligman, I. Wiecek, B. Murck, R. Baker, L. Collins, J. Malcolm, A. Birkenbergs

1. Adoption of the Agenda
The Agenda was approved (J. McCurdy-Myers / G. Richter)

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the April 2, 2003 meeting of the College Affairs Committee was approved. (M. Overton / A. Vyas)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes
a) The Canadian Innovation Agenda and the opportunity for creation of a Convergence Centre for sciences, health, management and policy at UTM (Motion from April 2, 2003 meeting) – U. Krull

Professor Krull repeated the motion he gave at the April 2nd meeting of the College Affairs Committee meeting.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the College Affairs Committee approve the addition of the Convergence Centre to the overall strategic plan of the University of Toronto at Mississauga, Erindale College. (I. Orchard / J. Poë)

The Chair opened the floor to discussion of the topic. In response to a member’s request to update the committee on the project, Professor Krull explained that UTM had applied for funding to the Biotechnology Cluster Innovation Program (BCIP) in order to develop an incubator. He further added that the Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation indicated interest in UTM’s development of a Convergence Centre and that UTM was announced as one of eleven other clusters to potentially receive funding for this project, recognizing the western GTA as a fundamental unit for a funding opportunity. It is likely that 8-11 of these consortia will be selected to receive total funding of $28M, which will be announced sometime in March or April of 2004. UTM has to develop a business plan. It has already assembled an Advisory Board that includes people from government, academia, and industry to help steer the program. UTM will be sending out a request for proposals through this advisory body for hiring on professional consultants that write business plans.

Regarding the upfront costs to launch the project, UTM and other partners contributed approximately $25,000, which represents a 10% upfront contribution required by BCIP. This funding has been used to hire consultants and comes from the budget of the Vice-Principal Research. The completion of the business plan is projected for the end of January 2004. Potential collaborative partners within the University of Toronto include the Rotman School of Management and the Department of Management. This project hopes to build on UTM’s strength in the programmatic themes of entrepreneurial activities, educational platform, management, and policy development. The goal of the endeavour is to attract funding to build educational resources, laboratory and classrooms space and renovate existing space for an incubator. The project will have two components, an academic component on-site, and a commercialization component, located off-site from UTM, to avoid potential conflict of interest.

The Motion was called to question. The Motion was carried.

4. Other Business

In response to a member’s question about whether the entrance to the South building from Lot #3 will be made accessible, Mr. Kessler explained that this work was already in progress.

A member commented that in the residence town house phases of McLuhan Court, Putnam Place and Leacock Lane, there were problems with lights burning out and not being replaced, in addition to lights being blocked by existing landscaping. The Manager of Campus Police explained that recommendations from a recent campus lighting survey were passed along to Facilities Resources for implementation and as a result many existing lights were repaired or replaced. The residence portion of the survey is planned for early October and will involve the personal safety committee. He also reported that another portion of the survey regarding lot 4B in residence produced fourteen recommendations, some of which were already carried out. Mr. Paris stressed that the UTM campus overall is considered to be very well lit and that work is continuing to address issues in the Residences.

5. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the College Affairs Committee will be on Monday, October 27, 2003.

6. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m. (M. Overton/I. Orchard)

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October 2003