Erindale College Council

Report of the College Affairs Committee meeting held on Monday, November 24, 2003, at 3:10 p.m. in the Ante Chamber, Room 3129, South Building, University of Toronto at Mississauga.

Erindale College Council


PRESENT: J. Linley (in the Chair), M. Overton, R. Beck, S. Bancheri, W. Ghobriel, A. Lange, S. O’Connell, R. Rivers, S. Sur, K. Kaun, S. Al-Abdul Wahid, A. Bellerby, J. Malcolm, J. Stevenson, S. McCarthy, K. Chadder, C. Boyd, D. Crocker, S. Kessler, J. Lim, C. McGrath, J. McCurdy-Myers, M.A. Mavrinac, S. Munro
REGRETS: C. Misak, U. Krull, P. Donoghue, B. Barton, C. Capewell, N. Collins

1. Adoption of the Agenda

The Agenda was approved (S. Al-Abdul Wahid / M.A. Mavrinac)

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Committee approved the Minutes of the October 27, 2003 meeting of the College Affairs Committee. (J. Malcolm / A. Lange)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

a) Report of the Working Group on the College Affairs Committee’s terms of reference – J. Linley

Mr. Linley reported that the Working Group had its first meeting on November 21, 2003 and started reviewing the Committee’s terms of reference. Members examined each item listed under the terms of reference. The types of issues discussed at past meetings of the College Affairs Committee were also examined in light of their expected governance approval process. Members also discussed whether there was a possible duplication of items with Resource Planning and Priorities Committee and the Quality Service to Students (QSS). For example, QSS has the mandate for the approval of student service fees while the College Affairs Committee hears discussion on the topic for information purposes. The Working Group also considered the size of the standing committee and how it should be configured in the future to encompass quality of campus life. Members will continue their discussions on the terms of reference and report back to the College Affairs Committee in February of 2004.

In response to a member’s question, the Chair responded that the proposed changes would be submitted for approval to the College Affairs Committee and Erindale College Council.

4. Other Business:

a) A member commented on the lack of satisfactory food services and a campus store at UTM. He stated his opinion that in light of a growing graduate student and residence student population, UTM ought to have more diversity in its food offerings, in addition to having more food vendors available during evenings and weekends and during the summer. He also commented that the lack of a campus store at UTM inconveniences residence students who have no access to a car. The member stated that he planned to meet with the Dean of Student Services and Director of Business Services to draw up a plan for the expansion of these services.

The Director of Residence commented that for Phase 8 of Residence, which is scheduled to open in 2006, there is an outline for a comprehensive dining plan and a convenience store, which will be open throughout the week to all students. Another member commented that during the planning of the Student Centre, inclusion of a campus store was discussed, but not included in the final design, because of issues relating to competition with the existing Bookstore and no vendor interest in an operation without the possibility of tobacco sales.

The Chair of Council commented that it would be proper to refer these issues first to the Chief Administrative Officer. Several members commented that many of the issues raised are currently being discussed as part of the work of the Food Committee, the Library planning group and other capital development plans, as well as being part of White Paper Planning.

b) Social Life

A member, citing an email by several UTM faculty members expressed his concern about the lack of avenues at UTM for social interaction. He proposed the expansion of social events on campus. Another member responded that the two primary venues through which a UTM community member can address this issue are Student Clubs and
the Student Centre event coordinator. Another member commented that Theatre Erindale is another opportunity for social interaction on campus.

5. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the College Affairs Committee will be a joint meeting with the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee on Monday, January 12, 2004 in the Faculty Club.

6. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m. (S. Al-Abdul Wahid / S. Bancheri)

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December 2003