ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 6, at 3:15 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Room 3131, South Building


1. Adoption of agenda

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (March 4, 2004)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

4. Reports of Standing Committees

a) Academic Affairs Committee

i) Academic Appeals Board terms of reference – Gordon Anderson

b) Computing Committee – Joe Lim

c) College Affairs Committee – Jim Linley

Be it resolved

i. THAT the Working Group of the College Affairs Committee (CAC), with input from members of CAC, develop the content of a web page linked to the web page of Erindale College Council and THAT this web page be a problem solving vehicle, featuring a comprehensive list of items of concern covered by CAC, (similar to a frequently asked question list) and provide a list of answers and where applicable, links to web pages and information for appropriate contacts;

ii. THAT for those items not addressed in the web page, an email address be provided for members of the community to raise their concerns and questions, and that said email be managed by the Secretary of Council, directing emails to the appropriate area, whether it be an operational department or the Executive Committee of Council as deemed appropriate by the Secretary;

iii. THAT upon the completion of the web page, the College Affairs Committee be dissolved and THAT the two subcommittees of the College Affairs Committee (1. Transportation and Parking; 2. Grounds Monitoring) be reassigned to the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee;

iv. THAT pending the approval of the dissolution of the College Affairs Committee, the necessary changes be made to the By-laws of Erindale College Council as follows: 1) Delete section 5, a, iii, which lists the College Affairs Committee among the standing committees; 2) Delete section 3 of Appendix 3, which describes the terms of reference of the College Affairs Committee; 3) Add the subcommittees of Grounds Monitoring and Transportation and Parking to the terms of reference of the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee, reflected in section 4.6 of Appendix 3.

5. New Business:

a) Space Planning and Management Committee – Paul Donoghue

6. Report of the Vice-President and Principal

7. Other Business

8. Adjournment