Erindale College

MEETING OF THE COMPUTING COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council to be held on Tuesday, October 28, 2003 at 3:10 p.m. in Room 3138, South Building.


1. Adoption of the Agenda

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting (March 17, 2003)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

4. New Business
a) Report on Initiatives of Computing Services – J. Lim
b) Report on Initiatives of MicroElectronics – Anil Vyas
c) Introduction of White Paper Planning – J. Seel
d) Computer Security Issues – J. Lim
i. Current services in place and problems
ii. Physical Security
iii. Norton Anti-virus software
iv. NAS Backup Availability
v. Discussion on faculty, staff and student involvement in computer security issues

e) Email and Large Attachments - A. Vyas

5. Other Business

6. Next Meeting – November 25, 2003

7. Adjournment