Report: March 27, 2008

MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING OF ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL, held on Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. in room 3129, South Building.

Present: A. Wensley, (in the Chair), I. Orchard, J. Lim, A. Lange, R. Reisz
Regrets: R. deSouza, W. Khogali

The Executive Committee met to set the agenda for the April 15, 2008 meeting of Erindale College Council. Professor Wensley called on the Chair of each standing committee to summarize recent business and identify items for possible inclusion on the next ECC agenda.

On behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee, Professor Lange reported that the committee met on March 25, 2008. Members of the Committee discussed and approved guidelines for University of Toronto Mississauga undergraduate degree level expectations brought forward by the Office of the Dean and mandated by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV). After a thorough discussion, the Committee made some minor language changes to clarify the text of the document and the proposal was then recommended for approval to Erindale College Council. The Executive Committee agreed that both the Dean and Assistant Dean would be asked to be present for the presentation of these guidelines to Council. The remainder of the Academic Affairs Committee meeting featured a brief update by the Registrar and Director of Enrolment Management on the implementation of the late withdrawal proposal approved by the committee at its last meeting; she also discussed an initiative from the tri-campus deans and registrars’ group about a possible future change in the length of sessions, which would most likely appear in front of the Academic Affairs Committee in the fall of 2008. It was agreed that Professor Lange will provide a summary of Ms. Crocker’s presentation before calling on the Dean to present the documentation and motion on the guidelines for University of Toronto Mississauga undergraduate degree level expectations.

On behalf of the Computing Committee, Mr. Lim reported that the committee met on March 26, 2008. Members of committee received a report from the Chief Information Officer on the Computing department’s accomplishments over the past year, as well as current and planned projects for the summer of 2008. The CIO also distributed and discussed a handout describing new guidelines for email services. He explained that under the Policy on Information Technology, the Vice-President and Provost is authorized to establish guidelines for information technology services at the university. This guideline will be implemented and anyone who is providing email services will have to sign an accountability form, making them accountable to the Vice-President and Provost and/or the Director of Strategic Computing. The Manager of the Technology Resource Centre then presented newly developed digital signage guidelines. These guidelines were in response to the installation of 15 new LCD screens, which will be used throughout the campus for providing campus news, displaying advertising as well as providing the campus with a method of communicating in crisis and emergency situations.

The Resource Planning and Priorities Committee met on March 24, 2008. The Committee heard reports from the heads of the four ancillaries of Conference, Food and Parking Services and the Residences. Presenters talked about the successes, challenges and opportunities for their ancillaries, providing an “annual report” style presentation to members. It was agreed that Professor Reisz would provide a brief summary of these presentations to Council.

The Chair proceeded to discuss the agenda of the April 15, 2008 meeting of Council. As agreed above, the Council meeting agenda would feature the proposals brought forward by the Academic Affairs Committee and reports from the other two standing committees.

Under new business on the ECC agenda, the Director of Governance, Ms. Cindy Ferencz Hammond, presented proposed revisions to the ECC Constitution and By-laws. She noted that the changes to the UTMSU Constitution approved at the March 6 meeting of ECC, in turn necessitated minor changes to the By-laws and Constitution of Erindale College Council, with respect to the elimination of Erindale Part-Time Undergraduate Students or EPUS as its own entity and the resulting creation of a Vice-President Part-Time Affairs as part of the UTMSU portfolio. In addition to these changes, modifications to the names of some student societies and bringing the section related to polling procedures up to date to currently accepted practices were also necessary in both documents. She presented a cross-out version of the changes to both documents, which are attached hereto as Appendix A.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, the Executive Committee approved the changes to Erindale College Council by-laws and constitution. (R. Reisz/I. Orchard)

Ms. Ferencz Hammond explained that these changes would be forwarded to Erindale College Council for consideration at its April 15 meeting. Detailed cross-out versions of both documents will be made available to ECC members two weeks prior to that meeting, as required in the Constitution. Following consideration by Council, the Constitution will be forwarded to Academic Board for approval.

The Vice-President and Principal noted that he would provide a brief report.

The Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

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