Report: March 1, 2007.

MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING OF ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL, held on Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 12.00 p.m. in Rm. 3129, South Building.

Present: R. Beck (in the Chair), C. Misak, A. Wensley, R. Reisz, J. Lim

The Executive Committee met to set the agenda for the March 8, 2007 meeting of Erindale College Council. Professor Beck called on the Chair of each standing committee to summarize recent business and identify items for possible inclusion on the next ECC agenda.

It was noted that the Resource Planning & Priorities Committee meeting, scheduled for February 26, 2007, had been cancelled and, hence, there was no report.

On behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee, Professor Wensley reported that the Committee had met on February 27, 2007. The meeting was uncontentious. The Acting Dean, Charles Jones, had reported to the Committee on three minor curriculum changes: 1) Introduction of CHM 399Y; 2) Introduction of PHY 399Y; and 3) Designation of Financial Economics Specialist Program as a B.Sc. program, noting that it had been introduced as a B.A. Program in error. These changes were unanimously approved by the Committee. The Chief Librarian, Mary Ann Mavrinac, had presented Making Connections, the U of T Mississauga Library’s Annual Review for 2005-06. Ian Whyte, Coordinator of Public Services in the Library, had given a presentation on the LibQUAL Survey, which he would be presenting to ECC as well.

On behalf of the Computing Committee, Mr. Lim reported that the Committee had met on February 28, 2007. UTORid/UTORmail migration for faculty and staff was discussed at that meeting. He noted that, as time had not allowed him to present the Committee’s report from its January 24, 2007 meeting at the February 1, 2007 ECC meeting, he would be reporting on that meeting as well at the next meeting of ECC. The Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. deSouza, emphasized that, in his report regarding UTORid/UTORmail migration, Mr. Lim should note at the beginning that this had already been formally approved by ECC.

Mr. deSouza noted that he would provide a Capital Projects update at the last meeting of ECC for the year, which was scheduled for April 11, 2007. The Executive Committee agreed.

The Executive Committee discussed the roll call vote at the previous meeting of Council, and it was agreed that the CAO and the Secretary would meet to discuss the roll call vote procedure, and that the Secretary would compile a formal list of ECC members, which members would sign as they entered the Council Chamber, The CAO agreed to act as an assessor to ensure that only members were signing in at the next meeting.

The Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 12.40 p.m. (R. Reisz/R. deSouza)