Report: February 28, 2007.


Erindale College

Meeting of the COMPUTING COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council held on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 3.10 p.m. in the Ante-Room, #3129, South Building.

Present: J. Lim (in the Chair), R. deSouza, C. Capewell, J. Sills, C. Mejia, S. Senese, A. Vyas, G. Moraglia, D. O’Day, A. Akers

1. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was approved. (A. Vyas/C. Mejia)

2. MINUTES of Previous Meeting (January 24, 2007)

The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. ( R. deSouza/C. Mejia)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

There was no business arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on January 24, 2007.

4. New Business

i. UTORid/UTORmail Migration for Faculty & Staff - Joe Lim

Mr. Lim, Chair and Chief Information Officer, gave a powerpoint presentation on UTORid/UTORmail migration for faculty and staff. He observed that this was being done for several reasons, which he summarized as follows: a single login ID and password would simplify things; the implementation of a new budget model (previously this campus was taxed for central services including SIS, FIS, HRIS, UTORmail, etc.); it would enable better integration into centrally provided services; and UTM students were already using it.

He explained where UTORid was currently being used:

  • Wireless Service
  • Oracle Calendar
  • Blackboard LMS and Portal
  • UTORweb
  • U of T Standard Classroom Podium
  • Information Commons in Robarts Library

Mr. Lim observed that UTORmail was U of T’s institutional e-mail service. He provided comparative information on UTMmail vs UTORmail. Benefits included the fact that inbox storage quota was substantially greater and that the anti-spam filter was turned on by default.

He noted that mail sent to UTM e-addresses would be forwarded to the new UTORmail addresses indefinitely. Computing Services would not be providing any e-mail services.

Mr. Lim updated members on the Exchange Server Proposal being proposed by CNS as a replacement for the existing UTORmail/UTORschedule service. Town Hall meetings had been held on all three campuses, but it was still uncertain that this proposal would pass through UofT governance without much controversy. If approved and funded, it would be implemented in the summer of this year.

He observed that the migration would take place in July 2007 and suggested that, in the meantime, people activate their UTORid and get familiarized with UTORmail.

Mr. Lim announced that he would be hosting a Town Hall meeting for all users on March 26. He also indicated that Computing Services would be doing its own research between now and June to investigate GB storage at UofT Mississauga for folders a well as the ability to allow our storage to be connected to UTORmail among other things.

The Chair opened the floor to questions.

A member enquired whether one could send mail through UTORmail if off-campus, and Mr. Lim responded that webmail would still be used for this. Concerns were raised that this would be problematic for the transmittal of some research files which were larger than the 2MB limit of webmail. Another member wondered what means current subscribers of UTORmail used. Mr. Lim replied that they used IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), POP (Post Office Protocol), or another means.

A member asked whether the offloading of the e-mail services to CNS would free up personnel in Computing Services, and Mr. Lim responded that it would not. Another member wondered whether members of UofT Mississauga would contact CNS directly re. e-mail problems, and Mr. Lim said that problems would continue to be reported to Computing Services here which would, in turn, contact CNS.

A member mentioned that, currently, teaching assistants on the St. George campus could not use the teaching podium here. Mr. Lim observed that, once everyone was moved to UTORid, this would be possible. He also noted that using one ID and one password for everything would be to everyone’s advantage.

5. Other Business

Ms Capewell mentioned that the Meal Plan would be on the agenda for the next meeting. She wondered whether members had any specific items they wanted covered, but no one responded.

6. Next Meeting

The Chair announced that the next meeting was scheduled for March 28, 2007.

7. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3.50 p.m. (R. deSouza/C. Capewell)