Minutes: RPPC, September 24, 2012

REPORT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MISSISSAUGA MEETING OF THE RESOURCE PLANNING AND PRIORITIES COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council held on Monday, September 24, 2012 at 2:10 p.m. in Room 3214, William G. Davis Building.  

Present:  L. Bailey (in the Chair), P. Donoghue, U. Krull, C. Thompson, V. Shahani, H. Miller, A. Galasso, P. Clark, P. Gunning, P. Goldsmith, N. Collins, J. Lim, S. Prosser
Regrets: A. Mullin, D. Saini, G. Anderson

     1.  Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting  (March 26, 2012)

The report of the last meeting was approved.

  1. Welcome and election of Chair

The Chair called on Ms. Cindy Ferencz Hammond, Chief Returning Officer to give her report.  She reported that there were three positions open in the faculty constituency.  Three faculty members were nominated and have therefore been acclaimed to the committee:  Angela Lange from the Department of Biology, Philip Clark from the Department of Philosophy, and Lee Bailey from the department of Economics.  There was also one nomination for the Chair position of the Committee.  Professor Bailey was nominated and acclaimed for a second term as the Chair of RPPC.  She noted that all new members will officially begin their term at the next meeting.

  1. Reports of Committees and Officers:  For Information
    1. Hospitality and Retail Services Report -  Bill McFadden, Director, Hospitality and Retail Operation

The Hospitality and Retail Services Report is attached hereto as Appendix A.

Mr. McFadden reported that food services was redeveloped to increase the service’s space requirements as identified in the UTM Food Service Master Plan and to make up for the loss of space as a result of the North Building re-development and the closure of Spigel Hall in the Davis building.  He showed transaction counts and the food services space summary

Mr. McFadden gave a detailed accound of the following food service re-development areas  that occurred over the summer of 2012:

  • Elimination of the North Building Cafeteria
  • Relocation of the North Builidng Tim Hortons Kiosk
  • Meeting Place Full Service Tim Hortons Re-development
  • Introduction of the Self Serve Tim Hortons Kiosk
  • Elimination of Mr. Sub
  • Introduction of the Subway Kiosk
  • Introduction of the Temporary Food Court

The Temporary Food Court or TFC, was created as a provisional food court until a permanent food court could be established as part of the Davis Building re-development.  Mr. McFadden noted that approximately 50% of the equipment and fixtures were existing pieces that were re-used from the Spigel Cafeteria, the North Cafeteria and the Meeting Place. These pieces were reset into or onto new counters and have allowed for considerable flexibility with respect to menu items, within a space that has no commercial kitchen.   Mr. McFadden also noted that although space had been lost, the remaining spaces were being used more efficiently.

Mr. McFadden concluded that all of the location, ambiance and image enhancements have had a positive impact on community feedback.

Several members made positive comments on all of the food service enhancements described by Mr. McFadden.

  1. Capital Projects update: Paull Goldsmith, Director, Facilities Management & Planning

The Capital Projects Report is attached hereto as Appendix B.

Mr. Paull Goldsmith, Director, Facilities Management & Planning presented a detailed account of the following capital projects over the summer of 2012:

  • Large Capital Projects
  • Teaching Laboratory Renovations
  • Food services
  • North Building
  • Kaneff Building
  • Lislehurst
  • Exterior work

With respect to the Kaneff Centre expansion, it was noted that the building would more than double in size.

  1. Computing services update:  Joe Lim, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Joe Lim, Chief Information Officer, presented the computer services report, attached hereto as Appendix C.

The Chair announced that the next meeting would be on Monday, October 29, 2012.

The meeting adjourned at 3:06 p.m.

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