Minutes: RPPC, October 29, 2012

REPORT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MISSISSAUGA MEETING OF THE RESOURCE PLANNING AND PRIORITIES COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council held on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 2:10 p.m. in Room 3214, William G. Davis Building.  

Present:  L. Bailey (in the Chair), P. Donoghue, A. Mullin, C. Capewell, V. Shahani, A. Lange, A. Galasso, B. Schneider, P. Gunning, P. Goldsmith
Regrets: D. Saini, G. Anderson, C. Thompson, N. Collins, T. Conway, U. Krull
In attendance:  Mark Overton (Student Affairs), Sonia Borg (Business Services), Arthur Birkenbergs (ECC staff member), Ro’A Saafan (ECC full-time student member)

  1. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting  (September 24, 2012)

The report of the last meeting was approved. 

Item 3a was moved to item 2a on the agenda, with the agreement of members.

  1. UTM Divisional Academic Plan – Professor Amy Mullin, Vice-Principal Academic and Dean

The Chair called on Professor Amy Mullin, Vice-Principal Academic and Dean to discuss the UTM Divisional Academic Plan and make the appropriate motion for the committee’s consideration.

The Dean presented an overview of the UTM Divisional Academic Plan, which is attached hereto as Appendix A.  She encouraged everyone to read the plan carefully, which is available both on the governance website and the Office of the Dean website.   Her presentation is attached hereto as Appendix B.

Professor Mullin noted that there was extensive consultation in the development of the plan, including consultation by academic departments, through the academic planning website and through several town halls on the topic. 

It was duly moved and seconded,
The Resource Planning and Priorities Committee endorse the UTM Divisional Academic Plan in principle.  (A. Mullin / A. Lange)

The motion was carried.

  1. Reports of Committees and Officers:  For Information

Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee – Paul Donoghue, CAO on behalf of the Chair, Professor Nicholas Collins

a)  On behalf of the Chair of the Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee, Mr. Donoghue reported that the subcommittee was trying to re-focus its efforts from a more special events planning group to engage members and the community around grounds maintenance, stewardship activities and input into capital projects.  At its next meeting, the subcommittee will work to revise the guidelines around grounds maintenance.  Mr. Donoghue noted that the Space Planning and Management Committee (SPMC) is responsible for all space development on campus (indoor and outdoor) and its terms of reference requires all changes to outdoor spaces to be submitted to the Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee for discussion before proceeding further.

b)  Preliminary information on UTM Ancillary Budgets – Christine Capewell, Director of Business Services – For Information

Ms. Christine Capewell referred to the preliminary parking budget and noted that it was provided with the call to this meeting.  The parking budget was also presented to and discussed at the Transportation and Parking subcommittee. She reported that the increase in paring permits would be limited to 3% and that the rates of the pay and display machines would not increase.

She explained that last year, an analysis of supply and demand showed that UTM would need a parking deck extension by 2016.  This year, Business Services staff carried out a more detailed analysis, taking into account that not every parking spot was available to everyone:  for example, residence, construction and carpooling spots were taking out of the supply equation.   In addition, the waiting list for parking spot was also more thoroughly analyzed.

Following this more detailed analysis the same conclusion was reached:  UTM would need would need an increase in net usable spaces and therefore an extension to the parking deck by 2016.

Ms. Capewell explained that the planned for 3% increase in parking permits will not provide the university with enough funds to cover the cost of the parking deck, which is currently projected to cost $8.6M.  She explained that the The challenge facing the Parking ancillary is that although all operating revenues in excess of expenses will be contributed to the New Construction Reserve, the balance of the New Construction Reserve (estimated to be $3.8M by 2016) will be insufficient to cover the estimated $8.6M cost of the parking expansion and obtaining a loan from the University for the difference is uncertain.

The Chair opened the floor to questions.

Ms. Capewell confirmed that the parking rates would be limited to a 3% increase. 

A member noted that the alternative to not increasing parking rates is to forgo meeting the projected demand, not build the parking deck extension and to expect a shortage of spaces. 

Ms. Capewell proceeded to discuss the other ancillaries. With respect to food services, she reported that pricing increases were weighted at 2.6% and were slightly different for each meal plan, depending on a particular meal plan’s cost and revenue analysis.  She emphasized that the food services group was extremely busy, implementing and refurbishing many spaces, but that the ancillary was still dealing with a space shortage as reported at this Committee’s last meeting.   Currently, the ancillary was working on plans for the future new spaces that will be provided by the North Building and the Kaneff Centre.  There is also a comprehensive plan for revitalization of the Meeting Place and the Temporary Food Court.

Referring to Conference services, Ms. Capewell noted that the ancillary was experiencing big challenges because of the shortage of appropriate spaces available for meeting and construction space due to construction renovation in residence and Spigel Hall.  It was becoming increasingly more difficult to find and book meeting places.

Regarding Residences, Ms. Capewell reported that annual and major maintenance costs were higher than planned, primarily due to additional costs associated with the brick and roof parapet repairs for Erindale Hall and the capital renewal costs to update seven (7) Schreiberwood townhouses with improved electrical panels, wiring & fixtures, renovated bathrooms, new kitchen cabinets & appliances, and roofing & insulation.

The Chair announced that the next meeting would be on Monday, November 26, 2012.  He noted that the ancillary budgets will be presented for approval at the Committee’s next meeting and they will be submitted for consideration to the January 14 meeting of Erindale College Council.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

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