Minutes: October 2, 2008


Report of the ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL meeting held on Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 3:10 p.m. in Council Chamber, Room 3130, South Building.

Present: A. Wensley; S. Al-Abdul-Wahid; D. Kreuger; I. Orchard; M. Mavrinac; M. Overton; R. Da Silva; G. Morris; I. Whyte; A. Vyas; L. Paris; G. Richter; D. Mullings; J. McCurdy Myers; L. Collins; J. Lim; P. Handley; B. McFadden; J. Stirling; A. Burnett; J. Gillies; A. Iwaniw; L. Gaspini; T. Luke-Gervais; J. Delves; S. McCarthy; M. Naeem; E. Nikiema; R. Reisz; L. Wilson-Pauwels; W. Malik; R. Khan; A. Vanker; S. Patel; E. Toth; M. Smith; I. Still;
Guests: T. Brackmann; Y. Poloz; M. Hashim;
Regrets: L. Oliver; P. Goldsmith; J. Pauluzzi;

The Chair welcomed the members to the meeting and the new academic year. He announced that Cindy Ferencz Hammond and her husband had welcomed their son, Holden, on August 16.

1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting (April 15, 2008)
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. (I. Orchard, R. Reisz)

2. Ratification of the Erindale College Council Membership
The membership list for 2008-09 was made available to members at the door. The Chair noted the good turnout for the elections in several constituencies. He said that the new members would begin their terms at the November 5 meeting.

The Erindale College Council membership for 2008-09 was ratified. (R. Reisz, S. McCarthy)

3. Reports of Standing Committees

a) Resource Planning and Priorities Committee
Professor Reisz said that at the meeting on September 22, 2008, the members had received two reports. The first report was from Assistant Dean McGrath concerning residences. It was expected that the operating deficit would be cleared in four years, instead of the five to eight years as previously projected. Residences had achieved 100% occupancy (1500 students) with a high level of student satisfaction. The availability of off-campus student housing had increased and UTM provided a listing service to help students find accommodation. A capital planning exercise would begin later this year focused on renovating residences, particularly the older ones.

Professor Reisz reported that the conference manager, Ms Gale Richter, had provided an update of activities in her portfolio. The conference service had exceeded its projected revenues, but expenses were higher than anticipated. A number of new clients were welcomed over the spring and summer, and the 25 groups who had stayed on campus were pleased overall with the facilities and residences. Classroom use during the summer was nearly at capacity. The most common complaint concerned the signage around campus. Professor Orchard had informed the Committee that a signage committee had been formed.

b) Computing Committee
Mr. Joe Lim said that at the meeting on September 24, 2008, the members had received a report from Computing Services. A client-satisfaction survey, conducted at the end of the spring term, had found that there was general satisfaction with the services, but some problems had been identified and those were being addressed. A network backbone upgrade was completed over the summer, and a 100MB Orion link would soon serve as a dedicated link to the Medical Sciences Building. It would result in faster internal service. The wireless infrastructure redesigned for the library was running well, and wireless capability had been deployed to the Research Wing. A number of new sites were slated to receive wireless access points. Computing Services had been working with the Environmental Officer on some green initiatives such as changing the default setting on printers to two-sided copying. UofT’s agreement with Bell Canada for telephone service had been extended to 2012. A task force had been created to review telecommunication needs and to formulate a strategy for future directions in voice communications. When Exchange was introduced later this year, email quota would increase and ways of increasing email storage were under investigation. In answer to a member’s questions, Mr. Joe Lim said that the Exchange quota was 350MB.

Mr. Joe Lim said that Mr. Anil Vyas, from MicroElectronics, had provided an update on classroom technologies. Over the summer, 100 classrooms across campus had received upgrades as part of Phase II of the upgrade project. Some rooms in the South Building were currently in the process of receiving upgrades. A video conferencing unit had been moved from the portables to the old library space. Problems with booking A/V equipment for classes had been identified and Mr. Vyas was revamping the process to be more in line with the room booking system in the Registrar’s Office.

4. Report from the Vice-President and Principal
Professor Orchard began his report by thanking Ms Glenda Gill and her team for their participation in the Ontario Universities Fair over the past weekend. It marked the beginning of this year’s recruitment effort. Over 108,000 prospective students and their families had attended.

a) Towards 2030: an update
Professor Orchard said that the visioning exercise begun by the President with the release of his report, Towards 2030: Planning for a Third Century of Excellence, was proceeding. Following an initial round of presentations, five task forces had been established and their reports had been received in late spring. The President had drafted a Synthesis Report which had been released the previous week. There was also a framework document which set out broad strategic directions for planning. This document was being guided through the governance process. It had already been reviewed by the Planning and Budget Committee and would be discussed at the Academic Board meeting this afternoon. Governing Council would consider it on October 23. This document would become a reference for any future program planning He encouraged members to read it.

b) Capital Projects
Professor Orchard noted that UTM was working to improve the quality and the quantity of space on campus. One of the reflections of success in this endeavour was the number of awards it had received. Those included the 2008 Governor General’s Medal in Architecture for the Communication, Culture and Technology building. The Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre and the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre had both won 2008 Design Excellence Awards from the Ontario Architects Association. The Wellness Centre had also garnered a 2008 Facility of Merit award. He believed the quality of the campus was improving and this would become an important recruitment tool.

He reported that the Credit Valley Conservation Society had required UTM to improve its storm water management system. Two large ponds had been created and were nearing completion. Landscaping work was underway. The soil that had been removed from the former parking lot 4 had been transferred to the depression or bowl at the west side of this building. The recycled soil would be used to flatten that area, creating a green common for events and other activities. In answer to a member’s question, he agreed to supply an expected completion date at the next meeting. He noted that the work had been hindered by the wet weather this summer.

In November, he hoped that UTM would break ground for the new health sciences complex, a $36 million building which would house the medical academy and other UTM uses. Tenders had been called and the project was expected to start in November, with an August, 2010 completion date. It was planned to accept 54 students into the academy for 2010.

In answer to a member’s question, he said that the trailers would be moved imminently. Some of the offices they currently housed would be moved to temporarily renovated spaces in the old library. The trailers would be moved elsewhere but would continue to be used.

A member asked whether a project to build a science building would follow the completion of the health sciences complex. Professor Orchard said that there was a senior planning team currently looking at future capital projects in terms of how the campus should be developed. There were a number of projects under consideration but funding was the critical aspect. He said UTM must be prepared in case unexpected funding was supplied by the provincial government. The projects in their conceptual state had been discussed with the President and the Vice President and Provost. Plans envisioned buildings and additions from the South Building to expand the sciences. The projects would not be brought through governance until funding was established. There was planning for the North Building which would include the addition of a convergence institute where a members from a number of disciplines could be housed in one site. Space was needed for master’s programs and additional space was needed for the program in Management. Once again, no funding had been identified. He believed that some expansion might be possible because of an increase in demand for student spaces in the GTA.

Finally, Professor Orchard reported that a childcare facility was planned. It would be attached to the end unit of the townhouses on Leacock Lane. It would be operated by the Early Learning Centre. Construction was expected to be completed by January, 2009.

c) Senior Searches
Professor Orchard reported on two senior searches. The first was for a new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), occasioned by the departure of Mr. Ray D’Sousa in late August. In response to the advertisement, 150 applications had been received. A committee would meet on Tuesday to consider a short list of applicants. In the interim, he had discussed with the managers who reported to the CAO whether to make an interim appointment. The managers had decided to work as a team CAO, and they met biweekly with Professor Orchard. This approach had worked well for September.

The second search resulted from the departure of Ms Kathy Hay, the former Executive Director of Advancement, to the University of Guelph as the new Associate Vice-President, Advancement. Applications for the position would close on October 15, and a committee would be established to consider the applicants. There would, of course, be a link to the central advancement department on the St. George Campus. Ms Jane Stirling had generously undertaken additional duties in this area.

5. New Business
The Chair said that he knew of no new business. The members did not raise any.

6. Announcements
The Chair said that there would be an orientation for new members of Council on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. Details would be circulated prior to the event.

The United Way campaign would soon be underway. Pledge forms would be available later in October.

7. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday, November 5, 2008

8. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m. (I. Orchard, J. Lim)

Devin Kreuger

Anthony Wensley