Minutes: Executive Committee, February 13, 2013

MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING OF ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL, held on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. in room 3214, William G. Davis Building

Present:  G. Anderson (in the Chair), L. Bailey, N. Woolridge, P. Donoghue, C. Thompson, D. DiCenso
Regrets: D. Saini, A. Reid

The Executive Committee met to set the agenda for the February 16, 2013 meeting of Erindale College Council. The report of the January 7, 2013 meeting of the Executive Committee was approved as circulated.

Professor Bailey reported that the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee did not meet in February, but that it would have a slightly expanded agenda for its March meeting, including the 2013-14 UTM budget and a report on capital projects.

On behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee, Professor Woolridge reported that the Committee met on February 12 and received reports from the Acting Vice-dean Graduate on UTM graduate student enrollments and from the Registrar on the annual report and the graduation and retention report 2003 – 2012.  He noted that the graduation and retention report would be of great interest to Council members, although the presentation would have to be somewhat condensed.

Since the presentation from the Office of the Registrar would be the only item on the agenda besides the report of the Vice-President and Principal, the Chair suggested that the upcoming ECC meeting be cancelled and that the report in question be held over for the April meeting of ECC.

Members agreed, commenting on respecting the time of members by not asking them to attend a meeting with only one agenda item.

The Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


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