Minutes: ECC, October 11, 2012

Report of the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO AT MISSISSAUGA ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL meeting held on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 3:10 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Room 3130, South Building.

Present: G. Anderson (in the Chair), D. Saini, N. Woolridge, L. Bailey, P. Donoghue, S. Senese, U. Krull, K. Hannah-Moffat, C. Thompson, S. Sumra, A. Ursel, M. Sajjad, D. DiCenzo, T. Ahmed, C. Enweugwu, S. Haftchenary, M. Avadisian, V. Shahani, I. Sheoran, M. Jamieson, L. Barber, M. Berger, A. Birkenbergs, L. Gaspini, K. Horvath, D. Coulson, C. Capewell, S. Elias, P. Goldsmith, D. Kreuger, J. Lim, V. Mahajan, F. Morgan, C. Sparks, A. Vyas, D. DiCenso, D. Dunlop, J. Delves, S. Baumann, K. Wilson, P. Macdonald, G. Espie
Regrets: A. Mullin, M. Overton, D. Crocker, H. Gunz, J. Poe, D. Hill, I. Still, M. Levy, I. DiMillo, S. Shi
In attendance: S. Prior, Y. Tam-Seguin, R. Kanga Fonseca R. Zhu, Q. Khan, Z. Al-Malawi, I. Siatka, H. Wakeel, S. Elborno, M. Ruso, A. Balakumar, N. Marchisio, E. Ogbe-Ogboyi, R. Saafan, W. Barakat, R. Correa, M. Dhaliwal, S. Fatima, G. Slobodian, A. Ramboanga, H. Wahid, N. Adam, A. Waseem, M. Hyder, S. Esther, C. He, M. Minhas, T. Breukelman, A. DeVito, N. Din,

  1. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (May 28, 2012)

The report of the previous meeting was approved. (M. Berger, D. Kreuger)

  1. Ratification of the new Erindale College Council membership

He referred members to the 2012-13 membership list that was made available to members with the notice of the meeting and on the ECC website. 

All constituencies were filled with the exception of the part-time undergraduate student constituency, where 5 positions were filled.  

He welcomed all new student and administrative staff members to ECC and reminded them that their term would begin following this meeting.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT ECC ratify the 2012-13 Erindale College Council membership.  (C. Thompson/A. Ursel)

The motion was carried.  The Chair extended a welcome to all our new members.

3. Reports of Standing Committees and Officers

a) Resource Planning & Priorities Committee: Report of the September 24, 2012 meeting – Professor Lee Bailey

Professor Bailey welcomed new members and thanked outgoing members of the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee:  Heather Miller and Meet Zandawala.  He reported that the RPPC received three reports for information:  Joe Lim, CIO, gave an update on computing services, including the Utormail migration; Bill McFadden, Director Hospitality and Retail Operations reported on the temporary food court and other food service improvements and Paull Goldsmith gave a comprehensive update on capital projects.

Professor Bailey called on the CAO, Paul Donoghue to summarize the reports on food services and capital projects for ECC. 

The presentation is attached hereto as Appendix A.

Mr. Donoghue presented a detailed account of the following capital projects: 

  • Large Capital Projects
  • Teaching Laboratory Renovations
  • Food services
  • Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre (HMALC)
  • North Building
  • Kaneff Building
  • Lislehurst
  • Exterior work

With respect to the Kaneff Centre expansion, it was noted that the building would more than double in size and is currently in the planning stages.

Mr. Donoghue noted that the Temporary Food Court or TFC has been very well received. He noted that in the future this location including the current Office of the Registrar space will be expanded for food service use with more seating and will be shared with the student services plaza.   He extended his thanks to Mr. McFadden on his work over the summer to ensure that the TFC would be open in the fall.

With respect to the HMALC, the special siding was replaced over the summer at a cost of $1M, which was all covered under warranty.  Erindale Hall and Schreiberwood residences are also undergoing major renovations.

With respect to exterior projects, the campus entrance structure will be clad in Credit Valley stone and work on that should be completed by the end of November. Mr. Donoghue reported that he has received positive feedback on the external signage that has been installed around the campus.

Mr. Donoghue concluded that he would be updating ECC at future meetings regarding ongoing capital projects, and noted that the UTM community could access project updates and schedules and a two-week look ahead of capital project activities on the Facilities Management and Planning website at  http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/facilities/project-schedules-and-updates.

The Chair opened the floor to questions on Mr. Donoghue’s report.

A member complimented Mr. McFadden on the TFC and the addition of Subway to the campus food options.

c) Academic Affairs Committee: Report of the September 25, 2012 meeting – Professor Nick Woolridge

Professor Woolridge reported that at its September 25 meeting, the Vice-Dean Undergraduate talked about changes to transitional programs, which would be submitted to the committee for consideration in the near future.  The Dean then presented the UTM Divisional Academic Plan for information, in preparation for the October meeting, when the committee will be asked to consider it for endorsement.  Members also received a report from the Registrar on recent enrollment counts, which would be presented to ECC at its next meeting.  Finally, the Academic Affairs Committee also considered and gave final approval for some minor curriculum changes to the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP).

Professor Woolridge called on Professor Hannah-Moffat The Chair Vice-Dean Undergraduate, to discuss the UTM Divisional Academic Plan.  He gave a notice of motion for the November 12 meeting of ECC:  members will be asked to endorse the UTM Divisional Academic Plan in principle.

  1. UTM Divisional Academic Plan – Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice-Dean Undergraduate 

Professor Hannah-Moffat presented an overview of the UTM Divisional Academic Plan, which is attached hereto as Appendix B.  She encouraged everyone to read the plan carefully, which is available both on the governance website and the Office of the Dean website at http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/academic-planning/.

The Chair opened the floor to questions.

A member asked whether UTM plans to introduce cooperative or Research Opportunity Programs (ROP) similar to the Scarborough campus of U of T.  Professor Hannah-Moffat explained that UTM is looking into expanding experiential programs, but noted that the ROP is already an initiative that is available to all departments and encouraged faculty to participate.  She added that her office was also in the process of developing a website that would showcase the work of ROP students.

A member commented that while one of the institutional goals in the academic plan is to foster research at UTM, there is no attempt in the plan to encourage those faculty who perform the bulk of their research at St. George to move this work to UTM.  The member would like to see some indication in the academic plan that this issue is recognized and would like to see a plan to foster greater research presence at UTM, especially for those faculty whose main research activity is at St. George.

Professor Krull, Vice-Principal Research, explained that while this issue resonated broadly with community, UTM needed to have more infrastructure investments in order to be able to foster this, especially in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  1. Vice President and Principal’s Report

The Vice-President and Principal reported that UTM’s enrollment numbers continue to grow in both domestic and international students. 

He noted that the Temporary Food Court (TFC) was a very welcome and well-received addition to the campus, and acknowledged the work of both Mr. McFadden and Mr. Donoghue on the introduction such a high quality facility in a very short time period.

He formally welcomed UTM’s new Vice-Principal Special Initiatives, Professor Ulrich Krull, who will be taking on a leadership role in facilitating important initiatives such as the Institute for Management and Innovation or IMI.  He thanked Professor Krull for taking on this new challenge and noted that he would be continuing in his role as VP Research until that position could be filled.

Finally, he reported that the creation of campus councils as both UTM and UTSc, which were part of the Task Force on Governance or TFOG review and recommendations were approved at the June 25, 2012 meeting of Governing Council.   The motion approved at that meeting called for implementation to include quorum provisions for meetings of the Campus Councils and their Standing Committees to take into account representation of the administrative staff, alumni, community, student and teaching staff estates.  It was also stressed that the processes and parameters regarding elections for Campus Councils and Standing Committees be included in the Governing Council’s Election Guidelines 2013.  Professor Saini noted that there would be a consultation session planned at UTM in early November on these elections guidelines and that a notice about this session would be sent out to members of ECC. 

Another provision of the governance changes that were approved is to sustain the spirit of wide consultation embodied in the previous advisory councils that operated on both campuses.   With respect to the area of continued consultation, Professor Saini noted that the plan is to establish broad based Town Halls, which would serve as a way to gage the opinion of UTM on a wide variety of fundamental issues to the campus.

The Chair opened the floor to questions.

In response to a member who asked if there would be a vote at ECC on the governance review, Vice-President and Principal explained that the TFOG recommendations around the establishment of Campus Councils were approved at the June 25 meeting of Governing Council as explained previously.  Members would have an opportunity to participate in consultations on the distribution of elected governance seats, which is part of the Governing Council’s Election Guidelines.  A notice about that session would be forthcoming.

A member complimented all those involved in the implementation of the TFC.  In response to a member’s comment on the construction of new facilities not keeping up with the rate of enrolment growth, Mr. Donoghue noted that the really intensive growth in enrollment has been met by the addition of the following capital projects:  CCT, the HMALC, RAWC, Erindale Hall, Oscar Peterson Hall, the Health Sciences Complex, the Instructional Centre and the parking deck.  He added that although enrolment was continuing to go up, it will not be at such a high rate as in the last decade.

In response to a member’s comment about opening up existing buildings during evening and overnight hours for use as study space, Mr. Donoghue explained that while classrooms will not be opened up at night for study space due to safety concerns, UTM was consciously trying to improve study space on campus by building in such spaces into each new renovation and capital project and by extending library hours whenever possible.

The Chair noted that the next meeting of Council was scheduled for Monday, November 12, 2012.  He provided the following notice of motion for that meeting:

Be it Resolved,
THAT Erindale College Council endorse the UTM Divisional Academic Plan in principle.

The meeting adjourned at 4:29 p.m.

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