Minutes: ECC, January 14, 2013

Report of the Meeting of ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL held on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 3:10 p.m. in the Council Chamber, room 3139, William G. Davis Building.

Present:  G. Anderson (in the Chair), D. Saini, L. Bailey, N. Woolridge, A. Mullin, P. Donoghue, S. Senese, U. Krull, B. Katz, K. Hannah-Moffat, D. Crocker, I. Whyte, M. Overton, L. Barber, M. Berger, A. Birkenbergs, D. Coulson, R. Fonseca, L. Gaspini, K. Horvath, M. Jamieson, S. Prior, Y. Tam-Seguin, A. Burnett, C. Capewell, K. Duncliffe, P. Goldsmith, D. Kreuger, J. Lim, E. Martin, F. Morgan, B. McFadden, D. Mullings, L. Paris, A. Wensley, P. Macdonald, S. Prosser, S. Stefanovic, J. Poe, C. Thompson, H. Havili, R. Noronha, S. Sumra, A. Ursel, Y. Youssef, I. Shoran, S. Haftchenary, M. Avadisian, A. Reid, A. Cumaraswany, N. Wahid, A. Ansari, A. Chigbo, M. Dhaliwal, S. Elborno, S. Hyder, S. Khan, N. Marchisio, T. Mukherjee, A. Ramboanga, M. Ruso, R. Saafan, S. Shi, G. Slobodian, R. Guo, S. Sumra, D. DiCenso, S. McCarthy, J. Delves
Regrets: Lisa Kramer, Ian Still, Mark Levy, Hugh Gunz

In attendance: Angelina Lopatriello (Student Housing and Residence Life), Sonia Borg (Business Services), Andrea De Vito (Hospitality & Retail Operations), Jose Chacon (Business Services), Sue McGlashan (Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences), Dario Cervoni (Campus Police)

1.  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (December 6, 2012)

The report of the previous meeting was approved. (P. Donoghue/D. Crocker)

2.  Appointment of a Hearing Officer for UTM – Professor Amy Mullin, Vice-Principal Academic and Dean

Professor Mullin explained that the code of student conduct is concerned with conduct that the University considers unacceptable and encompasses problematic interactions of a non-academic nature.  She noted that usually these matters are dealt with informally, but occasionally, a hearing officer is required for formal hearings.  For many years, the hearing officer has been Professor Hannah-Moffat, from the Department of Sociology.  In light of Professor Hanna-Moffat’s responsibilities as the Vice-Dean Undergraduate, UTM needs to appoint a new hearing officer.  Professor Mullin announced that Professor Philip Goodman, also from the department of Sociology has agreed to take on this role.  Professor Goodman teaches in the Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies specialization at UTM. Several of his courses focus on prisons and punishment.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT, Erindale College Council approve the appointment of Professor Philip Goodman to serve as UTM’s Hearing Officer to decide on complaints under the Code of Student Conduct, for a term of three years, effective immediately. (A. Mullin/D. Saini)

The motion was approved. 

3.  Reports of Standing Committees and Officers

a) Resource Planning & Priorities Committee: Report of November 26, 2012—Prof. Lee Bailey

Professor Bailey reported that all four ancillary budgets were considered and approved by the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee on November 26, 2012.  He called on the Director of Business Services, Ms. Christine Capewell to present the parking management and budget.  The Chair noted that this item was for approval.

i.)  Parking – Christine Capewell, Director of Business Services

Ms. Capewell referred members to the parking services management report and budget, distributed with the meeting agenda and attached hereto as Appendix A (Management report and budget). 

She noted that Reserved, Premium Unreserved and Unreserved permit prices will increase by 3%, as planned and that Pay & Display prices will not increase.  Last year it was estimated that UTM would need an extension on the parking deck by 2016.  She reported that this year, a more detailed analysis, combining statistics on wait lists, net usable spaces and enrolment growth patterns, yielded the same conclusion:  UTM will still need an extension on the parking deck by 2016.

She referred members to the statement of reserves, which shows that the ancillary will be accumulating funds towards a parking deck extension:  by 2016, approximately $3.5M will be accumulated towards the projected $8.6M cost of the deck.   With respect to the shortfall that results, Ms. Capewell pointed out that UTM does not as yet have confirmation of UTM’s borrowing capacity with respect to this project;  this will need to be carefully monitored in the next few years.

It was duly moved and seconded,

THAT Erindale College Council approve the Parking Services Operating Plan and Management Report for 2013-14.  (C. Capewell/A. Birkenbergs)

The Chair opened the floor to discussion.

A member commented that he rarely sees cars parked in the spots reserved for carpool users; he suggested that the carpool program be more vigorously marketed to encourage participation.

The President of UTMSU reported that he had many meetings with Ms. Capewell about the budget and that he understood the underlying issues.  However, he noted that students could not support the parking fee increase.  He suggested that there be more coordination of class scheduling to ensure the most efficient use of existing spaces.  Diane Crocker, the Registrar noted that class scheduling has been taken into account and that her office was encouraging as many evening and early morning classes as possible.  She reported that her office had just purchased a new software program that will be of great help in class scheduling.

In response to a member’s question, the Chief Administrative Officer explained that the planned addition to the parking deck would accommodate approximately 300 parking spots.

A member remarked that Pay & Display rates were high.  Ms. Capewell noted that pay and display rates were focused on the ancillary paying for their operation and that these rates were designed to cover the costs of the operation.

A member spoke in favour of carpooling and noted that if the proposed parking deck were built, it would discourage carpool use.

A member asked why a 3% increase was needed and whether there would be an end to the yearly increases in the near future.  The CAO explained that the 3% rate increase would help the ancillary to accumulate funds towards the planned parking deck extension as detailed in the parking presentation and the budget.  If this accumulation did not occur as planned, UTM would not have the funds to pay for these additional spaces, which would have serious effects on the balance of parking space supply and demand.  He noted that the ancillary would not be fiscally responsible if it did not propose these yearly increases.

On a motion duly moved and seconded, the Previous Question was called. (S. McCarthy/M. Berger)

The main motion was called to question.  The main motion was approved.

ii.)  Residence – Dale Mullings, Director of Residence & Student Life

The Chair called on Mr. Mullings to present the Residence ancillary budget.

Mr. Mullings referred members to the residence management report and budget, distributed with the meeting agenda and attached hereto as Appendix B (Management report and budget). 

He reported that for the 2012-13 operating plan forecast, the Operating Result Before Transfers for the UTM department of Student Housing & Residence Life is projected to be a surplus of $263,410, which reflects a negative variance of $328,826 than budget. The reasons for this variance are detailed in the report’s Highlights section, but are primarily related to additional expenses from two capital renewal projects (Erindale Hall & Schreiberwood), impacting Annual & Major Maintenance expenditures. The Total Fund Balance-Closing, shown on Schedule 2, is a forecast cumulative deficit of $3.36M, which is primarily the result of rapid expansion of student residences between 1999 and 2007, which included the addition of 812 new undergraduate beds to support the campus’ enrollment expansion plan.

The 2013-2014 budget continues to work towards the ancillary’s commitment to meet the capital expansion guideline outlined by the University of Toronto. The budget reflects a negative operating result of $1.2M in 2013-2014, and a Total Fund Balance-Closing, shown on Schedule 2, forecasting a cumulative deficit of $4.56M, the seventh year following capital expansion. The UTM Student Housing Advisory Committee, recognizing the unique challenges related to the ancillary in the upcoming budget year, recommends this budget as presented.

Residence fees are planned to increase at a rate of 5% for the 2013-2014 budget year. Projected occupancy will increase to 96% projection, reflective of operational changes to meet market demand. 
The ancillary’s long-range plans remain on pace to turn a positive total fund balance in year 9 (2016-2017) of the plan. 
Two (2), three (3), and four (4) bedroom townhouses within family & graduate housing will increase at a rate of 5% prior to incorporating hydro fees into the fixed costs of residence. As a result, the combined fee for these units will increase at a rate greater than 5%, but will result in a net savings of approximately $120 for the average tenant annually.

Mr. Mullings reported that for 2013-14 Combined Annual and Major Maintenance expenses will significantly increase in this budget year, primarily to address issues related to the necessary repairs for Erindale Hall, including the completion of repairs to the brick & roof parapet, and repairs to 85 bathroom shower stalls. Additionally, major expenses will be realized for reinvestment in Erindale Hall and Oscar Peterson Hall chiller compressors, and Roy Ivor Hall air-conditioning units.  He noted that this represents a large cost to the ancillary and that two options were being considered for financing: obtain a loan through Business Board or ask for bridge financing from the UTM operating budget. 

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT Erindale College Council approve the Residence Operating Plan and Management Report for 2013-14.  (D. Mullings / M. Berger) 

The Chair opened the floor to discussion.

A member spoke in opposition of the $400 fee that international students were required to pay if they chose to stay in residence over the Holiday break.  Mr. Mullings explained that the Residence operation faced three choices: close over the Holiday period, disperse the fee over all students, or charge only those staying the appropriate cost.  He noted that the student housing committee was consulted about this decision.

A member noted that in his opinion, living on campus, although it provided easy access to the campus’ many amenities, was not an affordable option for students. He continued by saying that the surrounding communities charged in the range of $350 to  $550 per month in rent and remarked that he notices that many students choose to pursue off-campus housing after their first year.

Mr. Mullings explained that UTM residence fees benchmark well against off campus housing, noting that for example a one-bedroom apartment in Mississauga costs approximately $1000 per month.

In response to a member’s comment about residence drop-out rates after first year, the Registrar remarked that UTM offers a guaranteed place in residence for first year students only and that the university counts on some upper year students to move out in order to make room for first year students.

The motion was carried.

iii.) Food Services - Bill McFadden, Director of Hospitality and Retail Services

Mr. McFadden referred members to the food services management report and budget, distributed with the meeting agenda and attached hereto as Appendix C (Management report and budget). 

Mr. McFadden reported that 2012-13 forecasted year-end statement shows an operating result of $35,330, which is $68,948 higher than the budgeted operating deficit of $33,618. The positive operating result is primarily due to increased revenue.

He noted that Food services made a concerted effort over the past year to directly respond to the needs of users by adding services that were identified in the food survey.

Referring to the 2013-14 budget, he reported that the total food and beverage revenue was increasing by 6.0% (when compared to forecasted 2012-13 forecasted amounts), total direct expenses were decreasing by approximately 6.0% (when compared to forecasted 2012-13 amounts) and that this was primarily due to the absence of construction projects schedule for this fiscal year, and the operating results before transfers is $161,839.

The total revenue for 2013-14 is forecasted to be $9,442,111 – an increase of $538,215 from the forecasted revenue for 2012-13. The increase in sales is primarily due to meal plan revenue increase of 4% and cafeteria sales increase of 9.2%. 

He stressed that UTM meal plans continued to benchmark exceptionally well against peer institutions: UTM Group A meal plan average is ranked 6th out of 14 Ontario peer institutions; UTM Group B meal plan average is ranked third out of 4 Ontario peer institutions that offer a partial meal plan; UTM overall average meal plan continues to be the second lowest of 14 peer institutions when factoring in the Group A and Group B meal plans together.

It was duly moved and seconded,

THAT Erindale College Council approve the Food Services Operating Plan and Management Report for 2013-14. (B. McFadden/L. Bailey)

The Chair opened the floor to discussion.

A member expressed her compliments and thanks to Mr. McFadden on the success of the Temporary Food Court (TFC).  In response to the member’s inquiry about making the meal plan an optional, Mr. McFadden explained the decision to implement a mandatory meal plan was very carefully and deliberately made after a lot of research and consultation.

The motion was carried.

iv.)  Conference Services - Bill McFadden, Director of Hospitality and Retail Services

Mr. McFadden referred members to the conference services management report and budget, distributed with the meeting agenda and attached hereto as Appendix D (Management report and budget). 

Referring to the 2012-13 budget, Mr. McFadden reported that total revenue is expected to be $134,766 lower than the budget. This is due primarily to revenue shortfalls in food revenue of $80,738 and facilities rentals of $39,039. These shortfalls are due to a reduction of room bookings by external groups and the general overall reduced availability of classroom and event space on campus.

Mr. McFadden noted that the Conference Services Budget for 2013-14 reflects a conservative approach to operational and financial planning. The number of accommodation units will be significantly decreased for the 2013- 14 operating season. This is due to:  the required maintenance on Erindale Hall and that Roy Ivor Hall will be used for UTM summer session students.  In addition, a portion of the dormitory rooms in OPH will be used for students in other academic programs (such as the ACE program).  The units available to Conference Services for 2013-14 are the non-air-conditioned townhouse units and a little more than 300 air conditioned dormitory rooms to market to conference groups.

Additionally, although Conference Services is awaiting final word on bids for a few conference groups, the budget cannot assume the associated revenue. As a result of these challenges, total revenues are projected to be $977,049.

It was duly moved and seconded,

THAT Erindale College Council approve the Conference Services Operating Plan and Management Report for 2013-14.  (B. McFadden/A. Ursel)

The Chair opened the floor to discussion.

A member thanked the staff of conference services for all of their excellent work in providing assistance to campus events.  

In response to a member’s question, Mr. McFadden explained that funds are not being transferred from the operating budget into the ancillary. Also in response to a member’s query, he explained the Service Ancillary Review Group ancillary budget guidelines as follows:

  • To operate without a subsidy from the University operating budget.
  • Include all costs of capital renewal and deferred maintenance.
  • Generate sufficient surplus to cover operating contingencies.
  • Contribute net revenue to the operating budget, where possible.
  • Where capital expansion has occurred, the operating budget is in a surplus position within 5 years of the building opening, and the Total Fund Balance is in a positive position within 8 years of the building opening.

The motion was carried.

4.  Vice-President and Principal’s Report

The Vice-President and Principal wished everyone a Happy New Year.

He reported that on December 13, 2012, the Governing Council approved some revisions to the Terms of Reference for the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus Councils and their Standing Committees.  He noted that UTM’s new Campus Council and Standing Committee structure would provide a higher level of local responsibility for governance.  He thanked the many people who were involved in the development of the concept, structure and composition of the committees.  He remarked upon the many heated debates on the new structure among various stakeholders, but noted he was very proud that at all times this debate remained thoughtful and respectful.   He acknowledged the productive engagement of the Tri-Campus Coalition on Governance, and thanked them for the role that they played in the process and the changes that resulted from their contributions.

The Vice-President and Principal noted that in order to preserve the spirit of consultation represented by Erindale College Council, he has committed to engage the community through at least two Town Halls per year.  Dates would be announced in advance and each session will be focused around specific topics of interest to the community.

In closing, he encouraged everyone to participate in the new UTM Campus Council Elections process, nominations for which opened on January 8, 2013 and directed everyone to the 2013 Elections webpage on the UTM governance website available at:  http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/governance/elections-2013

The Chair reminded members that the next meeting of Council was scheduled for Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


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