Minutes - December 5, 2006

Report: December 5, 2006.

Erindale College

Special Meeting of the ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council held on December 5, 2006 at 3.10 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Rm. 3130, South Building.

Present: A. Wensley (in the Chair), D. Crocker, L. Seco, C. Evans, V. Aivazian, S. Baumann, M. Mavrinac, J. McCurdy-Myers, S. Munro, E. Levy, A. Erosa, J.-P. Paluzzi

In attendance: K. Hannah-Moffat

The Chair, Professor Wensley, thanked members for attending, and reminded them that a special meeting of this Committee had been called to resolve three items remaining from the meeting held on November 28.

Two of the items were straightforward, and had been resolved via his consultation with the appropriate bodies.

As a result, ICC had agreed to return all of its undesignated CCT courses to NDAs rather than designating them SSc., which this committee felt was not appropriate for all of the courses. It had been agreed that the designation of these courses would be reviewed by next year’s Social Sciences and Humanities Curriculum Committees.

As also raised at the last meeting of this Committee, CCT 314H5 – Representation in Language, Mind & Arts, was clearly a Philosophy course and should be designated HUM. The Chair reported that he had consulted with Professor Lettieri, and the Humanities Curriculum Committee agreed that this would be the appropriate designation.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT CCT 314 be approved as a HUM course. (S. Baumann/J.-P. Paluzzi)

The motion was approved.

The Chair, Professor Wensley, introduced the Chair of the Sociology Department on this campus, Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat, to address members’ concerns about the replacement of SOC 101Y (a full-year course) with SOC 100H5 (a half-course). Professor Hannah-Moffat explained that, in accordance with this proposed change, second- and third-year SOC courses had been restructured too. The second half of SOC 101Y would be offered in the second year. The intention was to deliver a much more well-structured and streamed program, to provide a good overview of the discipline, and to allow students to get into substantive courses, including Crime, Law, and Deviance, sooner. She also noted that the Sociology Department on the St. George Campus was considering moving in this direction in 2007-08, and assured members that there had indeed been consultation with the St. George Campus in this regard. She assured members that the Sociology Department on the St. George Campus would honour this half-credit for entry into any of its courses. Professor Hannah-Moffat emphasized that the goal was to get students interested and keen early, as well as ensuring that they were well-positioned for upper year courses. She had spoken with the Registrar about ensuring that there was a mechanism in place to communicate with students about this change.

The Chair opened the floor to discussion.

The Registrar, Ms Crocker, indicated that she was completely satisfied after discussion with Professor Hannah-Moffat, and that any concerns she had had indeed been addressed. The Chair, Professor Wensley, suggested that the rationale be revised in the Social Sciences Curriculum Report to provide more clarification, and Professor Hannah-Moffat agreed.

It was duly moved and seconded
THAT the change from SOC 100Y to SOC 101H5, as reflected in the Social Sciences Curriculum Report, be forwarded to ECC for its approval. (S. Baumann/M. Mavrinac)

The motion was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 3.30 p.m. (D. Crocker/S. Munro)

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