Minutes: April 6, 2009

MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING OF ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL, held on Monday, April 6th, 2009 at 4:00 P.M. in room 3130, South Building.

Present: I. Orchard, A. Lange, A. Wensley (in the Chair), W. Malik, D. Kreuger; S. Gonsalves (for J.P. Paluzzi)
Regrets: R. Reisz,

In response to an emergency Academic Affairs Committee meeting that was scheduled for March 6th at 3:10 P.M, the Executive Committee met immediately following that meeting in order to confirm the motions approved and to amend the April 14th ECC agenda.

The Executive Committee members were invited to attend the Academic Affairs Committee meeting, so they heard during that meeting about the motions proposed by Diane Crocker and Dean Gage Averill.

Diane Crocker explained that UTM, UTSC, and FAS are aiming to harmonize degree requirements. UTM is moving closer to FAS in entry requirements, and so are looking to harmonize as much as possible. Currently there are 60 UTM students right now caught in the gap between the GPA necessary for good standing and the GPA necessary for graduation, and there has been a move to identify what is necessary for these students to graduate. They are performing adequately, obtaining grades in the 60’s, but they’re unlikely to graduate since they aren’t likely to get their CGPA up over 1.85. Of the 60 students, none would be likely graduate this year, and they all have over 20-24 credits. FAS has informed D. Crocker that they allow such students to graduate with BA or BSc degrees. The Academic Affairs Committee approved the motion that the HBA, HBSc, BBA and B.Com degree requirements be amended to allow students who meet all the requirements for the HBA, HBSc, BBA and B.Com, except for the GPA requirement, to elect to graduate with a BA or BSc degree, as appropriate, provided they are in good standing.

The Executive Committee unanimously confirmed this motion.

Dean Gage Averill explained that discussions with Medicine and the Chief Coroner for a Centre for Forensics began some time ago. The Centre already is operating, funded entirely by the Faculty of Medicine, and Medicine will continue to be the headquarters of this Centre. Participating as a goodwill partner will strengthen the UTM Forensic Science program. The Hospitals are involved and the Faculty of Law also has had a presence in the Centre. The Centre will bring all these stakeholders together. This partnership will allow our Forensic students to participate in the Centre’s events and engage with professionals in the field. For faculty, they can assist in inter-professional training, collaboration with research projects. Ideally it will evolve into an EDU-B graduate program between UTM and Medicine. The Academic Affairs Committee approved the motion that the University of Toronto Mississauga engage in a partnership with the Faculty of Medicine’s Centre for Forensic Science & Medicine.

While not required by the By-Laws, the Executive Committee unanimously confirmed this motion, seeing as they were present for the discussion.

The Chair proceeded to discuss how the agenda of the April 14th, 2009 meeting of Council would need to be amended. It was agreed that the only addition to the agenda would be the report from the Academic Affairs Committee.
The Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m. (W. Malik / I. Orchard)