Minutes: April 13, 2011


MINUTES OF THE ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL meeting held on Wednesday April 13th, 2011 at 3:15 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Room 3130, William G. Davis Building

Present: A. Wensley (in the Chair), A. Mullin, L. Bailey, M. Berger, K. Horvath, U. Krull, A. Lange, P. Handley, M. Mavrinac, C. Capewell, D. Crocker, P. Donoghue, D. Saini, D. Mullings, N. Woolridge, L. Paris, R. Beck, M. Tombak, H. Gunz, A. Madhavji, I. Di Millo, M. Overton, C. Boyd, A. Burnett, L. Collins, K. Duncliffe, J. Lim, J. McCurdy-Myers, J. Stirling, A. Vyas, L. Gaspini, D. Iafrate, R. Lal, L. Oliver

Regrets: I. Still, A. Birkenbergs

In attendance: E. Kobluk, J. Lau, C. Jankowski

1. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings

The report of the January 26, 2011 meeting was approved. (Donoghue/Mullin)

The report of the March 9, 2011 meeting was approved (Mullings / Saini)

2. Reports of Standing Committees and Officers

a) Academic Affairs Committee-Professor Nick Woolridge

i) Professor Woolridge advised that on March 30th the Academic Affairs Committee heard the 2009-10 annual reports from the Committee on Standing, the Academic Appeals Board and Academic Discipline. He advised that the presentations are available on the Council website as links in the meeting minutes.

There were no questions.

ii) He then advised that the Committee heard from Professor Amrita Daniere who presented for approval the Masters of Science in Sustainability Management program proposal. The Committee approved the proposal and recommended it to Erindale College Council. Professor Woolridge asked Professor Amy Mullin to present the Masters of Science in Sustainability Management program proposal.

Professor Mullin presented the Masters of Science in Sustainability Management program proposal attached hereto as Appendix A.

She outlined the program and her presentation is attached hereto as Appendix B. Professor Mullin reported on the program overview including the admission requirements, proposed tuition, student target market, program delivery and the academic departments involved. She then provided the rationale behind the proposed program and advised that the program would position the University of Toronto as a strong leader in integrating sustainability and business education. She outlined the degree requirements, proposed course list, timetables and timelines. Professor Mullin the outlined the educational pedagogy, the program resources in terms of faculty and administrative staff as well as office and teaching space. She identified the strong corporate partners that have expressed interest in the internship portion of the program and possible career paths of graduates.

Professor Mullin then reviewed the intake plans noting that the program would begin in the fall 2012 and would grow to a full enrolment of 60 students (30 in each year) by fall 2016. She concluded her presentation by providing a summary of the feedback from the external reviewers.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT Erindale College Council approve the Masters of Science in Sustainability and Management program proposal. (Mullin, Krull)

The Chair opened the floor to questions.

Professor Saini asked who would coordinate corporate partnership development of the internship portion of the program. Professor Mullin explained that we have an experiential learning coordinator as well as expertise in some of the other masters programs however because of the significant ramp up and to ensure all of the placements are in place we will outsource this component to UTSC initially with a vision of assuming it within UTM in the future. Professor Saini offered his assistance in developing corporate partnerships.

The motion was put to a vote. The motion carried.

3. Vice President and Principal's Report - Professor Deep Saini

a) Professor Saini then reviewed the major events of the past year. He noted that there have been significant changes at the senior administrative level. He believes that the change was handled easily and that is due to the positive position of the institution. He commended the administration led by Ian Orchard for the strong positioning of UTM. He the reviewed the major initiatives, namely the Mississauga Academy of Medicine and the Instructional Centre. Both buildings are moving along well and the projects are on budget and on time.

Professor Saini then spoke of the significant fund raising that has been accomplished this year. He believes it sets the stage for UTM to play a significant part in the upcoming University of Toronto fund raising campaign. He advised that Mr. Donoghue has had the Master Plan approved by Governing Council and it will now undergo review by the City of Mississauga. As well he noted that both international and domestic enrollment is strong and he believes that the program presented today is indicative of the impetus on developing attractive new educational programs.

b) Professor Saini advised that he has been concentrating on engaging with the community. When the new academic year begins he will be launching his own high level, broad institutional vision of where he sees UTM going in the short and long term. It will lay the framework for Professor Mullin to lead an exercise in academic and strategic planning. The process will start with a strategic vision which he will present to the community through a town hall meeting early in the fall. He hopes to make it a highly consultative process and he hopes to receive feedback from various stakeholders in the fall to assist in completing the vision.

There were no questions.

4. New Business

There was no new business.

The Chair reminded members of the Annual Excellence Awards and that nominations must be in by May 20, 2011 and the details are available on the Council Website. He then thanked Council members for their participation.

The Chair announced that the next meeting will be in the fall.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.