Minutes: AAC, October 30, 2012

Report of the meeting of the ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE of Erindale College Council held on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 11:10 a.m. in Ante Chamber, Room 3129, William G. Davis Building.

Present: N. Woolridge (in the Chair), K. Hannah-Moffat, D. Saini, D. Crocker, C. Chambers, D. Francis Taylor, B. Yi, D. Smith, T. Bowen, S. Elborno, S. Shi, S. Sumra, D. Kreuger, S. DaSilva, I. Whyte, P. Maurutto, S. Stefanovic, M. Lettieri
Regrets: A. Mullin, D. McMillen, U. Krull, J. Simalchik, X. Shi, M. Havelka, R. Day, E. Levy
In attendance:  M. Berger, J. Parker

  1. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The report of the previous meeting was approved.

  1.  Reports of Committees and Officers:

The Chair called on Professor Hannah-Moffat, Vice-dean Undergraduate, to give a brief description of the curriculum development process in preparation of the consideration at the AAC’s next meeting on November 27, 2012.

Professor Hannah-Moffat encouraged members to refer to the Curriculum Handbook for details on the curriculum development process and available on the Office of the Dean website. She thanked Ms. Melissa Berger, program and planning officer in the Office of the Dean, for the handbook’s development. 

She noted that the three curriculum subcommittees (Social Sciences, Sciences and Humanities) had been meeting since September and most of the changes coming forward to the AAC’s next meeting were minor.  One major change that would be submitted for consideration was a new freestanding minor in South Asian Civilizations. 

  1.  New Business:

a)  UTM Divisional Academic Plan – Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate  

The Chair noted that at the last meeting of the committee, members received a preparatory report and presentation on the UTM divisional academic plan.

He called on Professor Hannah-Moffat, Vice-Dean Undergraduate to give us a brief report on the academic plan, focusing on any changes that may have occurred since its last presentation to the committee.

Professor Hannah-Moffat reported that as a result various consultation efforts stronger language around academic freedom has been added to the plan. The plan has also been amended to reflect feedback on improving the research climate on campus and ways in which various university offices can work together collaboratively to support research activity.  In addition, the academic plan has incorporated plans for improving the writing and numeracy skills of students.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the Academic Affairs Committee endorse the UTM Divisional Academic Plan in principle. (K. Hannah-Moffat/D. Saini)

A member spoke in support of the academic plan, noting that it was developed through a highly consultative process, resulting in a very positive plan.  

The motion was carried.

3b) Master of Biotechnology curriculum changes – Professor Hannah-Moffat, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate

The Chair called on Professor Hannah-Moffat to present some minor curriculum changes to the Master of Biotechnology program.  He noted that the first item was for information and the second item was for approval.  

Professor Hannah-Moffat explained that the first item was a minor course description change in BTC1600H Seminar in Bioscience/Biotechnology so that the course more clearly reflects the contributions and efforts of graduate students.

Professor Hannah-Moffat referred members to the second graduate curriculum item, which was for approval.  The Master of Biotechnology Program was proposing a new course, new course, called BTC1850, Creating Life Science Products.  This course builds upon the momentum of the already successful BTC1800H Biotechnology in Medicine &BTC1600H AstraZeneca Seminar Series courses offered by the Master of Biotechnology Program. The development of BTC1850H Creating Life Science Products course will expose students to an interdisciplinary perspective by allowing them to work on shared problems as a team. This type of environment will be unique to their training in the Master of Biotechnology program and will help to prepare them for similar environments in the workforce.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the Academic Affairs Committee approve BTC1850, Creating Life Science Products, in the Master of Biotechnology program as described in the attached proposal effective September 1, 2013. (K. Hannah-Moffat/D. Kreuger)

The motion was carried. 

The next meeting of the Academic Affairs Committee is Tuesday, November 27, 2012 and will feature undergraduate curriculum changes for approval.

The meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.


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