Executive Committee: Minutes, March 27, 2013

MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING OF ERINDALE COLLEGE COUNCIL, held on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. in room 3214, William G. Davis Building

Present:  G. Anderson (in the Chair), D. Saini, L. Bailey, N. Woolridge, P. Donoghue, C. Thompson, D. DiCenso
Regrets: A. Reid

The Executive Committee met to set the agenda for the April 4, 2013 meeting of Erindale College Council. The report of the February 13, 2013 meeting of the Executive Committee was approved as circulated.

Professor Bailey reported that the Resource Planning and Priorities Committee received two presentations at its March 25 meeting:  one from Stepanka Elias, Assistant Director, Planning and Construction on capital projects and another from the Chief Administrative Officer on the UTM budget.  The Committee agreed that adding both of these reports to the last meeting of Erindale College Council would be very informative for members.

On behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee, Professor Woolridge reported that the Committee met on March 26 and received the following annual reports: Research Affairs, Committee On Standing report of petitions, Academic Appeals Board, Academic Discipline, Library annual report and a report on the reviews of academic units and programs.  Members discussed which reports should be added to the ECC agenda as shortened versions of their AAC presentations.  It was agreed that the research report, the Office of the Registrar report and the reviews of academic units and programs would be duplicated at ECC.  The rest of the annual reports would be made available on the ECC website through the agenda for interested members.

The AAC also considered and approved a change in the academic calendar concerning the Credit / No Credit policy, which aims to provide clear language with respect to academic offences. This change proposes that the CR/NCR option cannot be exercised in a course in which students have been charged with an academic offence. If a student has chosen the CR/NCR option, and they are later sanctioned for committing an academic offence, the CR/NCR option is revoked and the percentage grade stands.

It was duly moved and seconded,
THAT the Executive Committee confirm the resolution of the Academic Affairs Committee with respect to the change in the Credit/No Credit Policy as it relates to academic offences, as described in the attached proposal, effective immediately.  (L. Bailey/D. Saini)  The motion was approved.

Professor Woolridge further reported that the AAC received a report on the ICCIT Professional Development Skills Series from Tracey Bowen, Internship Coordinator & Lecturer, Communications, Culture and Information Technology.

Finally the Chair reported that the AAC approved a recommendation, which will be forwarded to ECC for approval, with respect to adding advanced standing 4 and 6 stream options into the Master of Management and Professional Accounting Program calendar copy. 

As the next meeting of ECC will be its last, highlighting the contributions of past chairs and members as well as a final appreciation reception was discussed and planned.

The Vice-President and Principal, thanked the Chair of ECC, as well as the Chairs of the Standing Committees for their valued service to governance.

The Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


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