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Assessors to the UTM Campus Council and its Standing Committees 

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UTM Campus Council

The Vice-President and Principal (VP&P) is the chief executive officer of the University of Toronto Mississauga, whose role is to provide overall leadership, particularly in the areas of academic and campus planning, student, faculty and staff affairs, budgeting and fiscal management, internal and external relations, and fundraising. The role of VP&P is integrative in nature, crossing and bringing together various portfolios to advance the mission of the University of Toronto Mississauga specifically, and the success of the University of Toronto generally. The VP&P reports to the President of the University of Toronto on matters of overall campus management and external relations, and to the Vice-President and Provost on academic matters. The VP&P is also a member of the University’s senior executive team, and as such participates with the President and other Vice-Presidents in the overall administration of the University of Toronto.

The VP&P leads the senior administration team – “the Principal’s Table” – at the University of Toronto Mississauga The team includes the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean, Vice-Principal Research, Vice-Principal Special Initiatives, Chief Administrative Officer, Dean of Student Affairs, Executive Director of Advancement, Registrar & Director of Enrolment Management, Director of Marketing & Communications, and Chief Librarian. In addition, the Equity & Diversity Office for the campus also reports to the VP&P.

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UTM Academic Affairs Committee


UTM Campus Affairs Committee

The role of the Vice Principal, Academic and Dean (VPA) with respect to campus governance includes oversight of the academic departments, engaging in periodic external review of those departments, and evaluating and supporting their plans for curricular innovations, along with developing initiatives that support the research, teaching and learning on our campus.

For consideration by the Academic Affairs Committee in the 2014-15 academic year, the Office of the Dean will sponsor program mergers, new minor programs, development of several combined programs, the closure of programs, the introduction of new courses to serve our existing programs, and new streams . Most of these items sponsored by the Office of the Dean will be submitted for Academic Affairs Committee consideration.  

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UTM Academic Affairs Committee

The Vice-Principal, Research (VPR) is broadly responsible for promoting, enhancing, and facilitating research and scholarly activity at UTM. The VPR aims to inspire a strong sense of shared research vision within the UTM research community and he/she represents and promotes UTM research locally, nationally, and internationally.  In this role, Kent works closely with the Vice-President and Principal, UTM and the senior administrative team to develop strategic research plans and direction for the campus;

Also includes interaction with the Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean on matters of research that are integral to the academic mission of UTM. Since research activity cuts across undergraduate and graduate programs, involves postdoctoral fellows, research associates, and faculty, and in many cases requires significant research infrastructure and finances, the VPR interacts closely with the administrative teams associated with each of these groups. Also collaborates with Departmental Chairs and faculty on long-term research plans and initiatives, and on the development of research funding opportunities.

Saher Fazilat
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UTM Campus Affairs Committee

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)is responsible for providing leadership to a broad range of non-academic functions in support of UTM’s academic mission of teaching, research and scholarship.  Principal areas include:  budgeting, finance and accounting; parking & transportation; facilities management & planning; capital construction; information and instructional technology; human resources; hospitality & retail operations; occupational health & safety; and, security and emergency management. The CAO also supports the VP & Principal, Principal’s Table and academic colleagues in the design and implementation of new initiatives.

Mark OvertonMark Overton

UTM Campus Affairs Committee

The Dean of Student Affairs (DSA), through the Student Affairs division’s departments (AccessAbility Resource Centre, Career Centre, Health & Counselling Centre, International Centre, Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation Department, and Student Housing & Residence Life Department) and more broadly through campus and university student services, promotes holistic student learning and development.

As an assessor to the Campus Affairs Committee, the DSA will sponsor proposals for UTM student services and student societies funded by compulsory non-tuition related fees, and bring attention to the following key topics during the 2014-15 academic year.  These include clustering non-academic services in a ‘first stop’ location for students seeking assistance and opportunities.  Supporting international students’ success, and promoting international experiences for domestic students.  Also, focuses on assessing and documenting students’ co-curricular experiences and enhancing students’ health and well-being.