Resource Planning & Priorities Committee Membership 2009-2010

Vice-President and Principal - Professor Ian Orchard

Vice Principal Academic - Professor Gage Averill
Vice Principal Research - Prof. Ulrich Krull
Chair of Council - Prof. Anthony Wensley
Chief Administrative Officer - Paul Donoghue
Registrar - Diane Crocker

President of UTMSU - Joey Santiago

Vice President Part-Time Affairs - TBA

President of UTMAGS - Sarah Gonsalves

Director of Business Services - Christine Capewell

Teaching Faculty (7)
Prof. Diana Raffman (Philosophy) (2008/09)
Prof. Laurel MacDowell (Historical Studies) (2008/09)
Prof. Michael Georges (Chemical and Physical Sciences) (2009-10)
Prof. Mihkel Tombak (Management) (2008/09)
Prof. Robert Reisz (Department of Biology) (2008/09)
Prof. Nathan Basiliko (Department of Geography) (2009-10)
Prof. Bruce Schneider (Department of Psychology) (2009-10)

Administrative Staff Member of Council (1)
Paull Goldsmith (2008/09)

Chairs of Subcommittees
Prof. Nicholas Collins, Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee
Prof. Scott Munro, Transportation and Parking Subcommittee
Joe Lim, Computing and Technology Subcommittee