Academic Affairs Council Membership 2009-2010

Vice-President and Principal - Professor Ian Orchard

Vice Principal Academic - Professor Gage Averill
Vice Dean Graduate - Amrita Daniere
Vice Principal Research - Prof. Ulrich Krull
Chair of Council - Prof. Anthony Wensley
Chief Librarian - Mary Ann Mavrinac
Registrar - Diane Crocker

Teaching Staff (15 - one member from each department or interdisciplinary unit)
Department of Biology –Prof. Angela Lange (09/10) – CHAIR (term was extended for one year to complete chair position)
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences - Prof. Dan Schulze (2009/10) Department of Psychology - Prof. Stuart Kamenetsky (2009/10)
Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences - Prof. Avner Magen (2009/10)
Department of English and Drama – Prof. Nancy Copeland (2009/10) Department of Language Studies – Prof. Emmanuel Nikiema (2009/10) Department of Historical Studies – Andreas Bendlin (2008/09)
Department of Philosophy - Prof. Gurpreet Rattan (2009/10)
Department of Anthropology - Prof. Todd Sanders (2009/10)
Department of Economics - Prof. Gueorgui Kambourov (2008/09)
Department of Geography - Prof. Scott Munro (2009/10)
Department of Management – Professor Louis Florence (2009/10)
Department of Political Science - Prof. Steven Bernstein (2009/10) Department of Sociology - Prof. Weiguo Zhang (2009/10)
Institute of Communication and Culture – Prof. Nicholas Woolridge (2008/09)

Full-Time Undergraduate Students (5)
Sana Badhwar
Tanushree Bhandari
Jeremy Edward Cruz
Umar Farooq
Kenny Xiao

Part-Time Undergraduate Students (2)
Jamie Fletcher
vacant (1)

Administrative Staff Member of Council (1)
Joan McCurdy-Myers (2009/10)

Graduate Student Member of Council
Katya Poloz
Rosa Da Silva

Assessor Members (Chairs of Subcommittees)
Academic Appeals Board - Prof. Gordon Anderson
Library – Prof. Hugh Gunz
Humanities Curriculum Committee – Prof. Leslie Thomson
Social Sciences Curriculum Committee – Prof. Gary Crawford
Sciences Curriculum Committee – Prof. Robert Reisz
Graduate Curriculum Committee – Prof. Amrita Daniere