Resource Planning & Priorities Committee 2008-09

Membership (2008-2009)

  1. Vice-President and Principal
    Professor Ian Orchard
  2. Vice Principal Academic
    Professor Gage Averill
  3. Acting Vice Principal Research
    Professor Alison Fleming
  4. Chair of Council
    Professor Anthony Wensley
  5. Chief Administrative Officer
    Paul Donoghue
  6. Registrar
    Diane Crocker
  7. Chief Information Officer
    Joe Lim
  8. President of UTMSU
    Wasah Malik
  9. President of EPUS
  10. President of UTMAGS
    Jean-Paul Paluzzi
  11. Director of Business Services
    Christine Capewell
  12. Teaching Faculty (7 - no more than one from any one department or interdisciplinary unit)
    Prof. Virginijus Barzda (Chemical & Physical Sciences)
    Prof. Nathan Basiliko (Geography)
    Prof. Laurel MacDowell (Historical Studies)
    Prof. Diana Raffman (Philosophy)
    Prof. Robert Reisz (Biology) - CHAIR
    Prof. Mihkel Tombak (Management)
  13. Administrative Staff member of Council (1)
    Paull Goldsmith
  14. Chairs of Subcommittees:
    Professor N. Collins (Grounds Monitoring)
    Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee Membership  (<-- needs updating)
    Professor S. Munro (Transportation & Parking)
    Transportation and Parking Subcommittee Membership  (<-- needs updating)
    Joe Lim (Computing & Technology)
    Computing & Technology Terms of Reference & Membership
      (<-- needs updating)

Terms of Reference (from the UTM By-Laws)

The Committee shall, make recommendations to the Council, to the Executive Committee, and to the Vice-President and Principal on the following matters: in the long run, the balance between academic and non-academic budget priorities; development of administrative departments and academic divisions; space planning; capital funding projects; information and communication technology; and other matters as recommended by the Executive Committee.


  • 1 Chair of Council
  • 1 Vice-President and Principal
  • 1 Vice-Principal, Academic
  • 1 Vice-Principal, Research
  • 1 Registrar
  • 1 Chief Administrative Officer
  • 1 Chief Information Officer
  • 1 President of Erindale College Student Union (operating as UTMSU)
  • 1 President of the Erindale Part-time Undergraduate Students (EPUS)
  • 1 President of the University of Toronto Mississauga Association of Graduate Students (UTMAGS)
  • 1 Director of Business Services
  • 7 members of the teaching staff (no more than one from any one department or interdisciplinary unit)
  • 1 member of the administrative staff who is a member of the Council

Election of Members
Elections shall be the same as for the Academic Affairs Committee. (<-- needs updating)

A Chair shall be elected by the Committee from the elected members of the Committee for a term of two (2) years where possible. A member elected by the Committee for a two-year term, as Chair shall have his/her membership on the Committee extended by one year if such is necessary to complete his/her term as Chair.

The Secretary of the Council shall act as Secretary for the Committee.

a. Transportation and Parking
b. Grounds Monitoring
c. Computing & Technology

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