Resource Planning & Priorities Committee


  1. Vice-President and Principal
    Professor Ian Orchard
  2. Vice Principal Academic
    Professor Cheryl Misak
  3. Vice Principal Research
    Professor Ulli Krull
  4. Chair of Council
    Professor Roger Beck
  5. Chief Administrative Officer
    Ray deSouza
  6. Registrar
    Diane Crocker
  7. President of ECSU
    Sean O'Connell
  8. President of EPUS
    Deniz Mustafa
  9. President of AGSAE
    Karla Krupica
  10. Director of Business Services or designate
    Jim Linley (Acting)
  11. Teaching Faculty (7 - no more than one from any one department or interdisciplinary unit)
    Prof. Michel Lord (Department of French, German & Italian)
    Prof. Bruce Schneider (Department of Psychology)
    Prof. Michael Jalland (Department of Management)
    Prof. Michael Georges (Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences)
    Prof. Kelly Hannah-Moffat (Sociology)
    Prof. David Pond (Political Science)
    Prof. Robert Reisz (Biology)
  12. Administrative Staff member of Council (1)
    Pam King
  13. Chairs of Subcommittees:
    Professor N. Collins (Grounds Monitoring)
    Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee Membership (<-- links need updating)
    Professor S. Munro (Transportation and Parking)
    Transportation and Parking Subcommittee Membership (<-- links need updating)