Academic Affairs Committee


  1. Vice-President and Principal
    Professor Ian Orchard
  2. Vice Principal Academic
    Professor Cheryl Misak
  3. Vice Principal Research
    Prof. Ulli Krull
  4. Chair of Council
    Prof. Roger Beck
  5. Chief Librarian
    Mary Ann Mavrinac
  6. Registrar
    Diane Crocker
  7. Teaching Staff (15 - one member from each department or interdisciplinary unit)
    Department of Biology - Prof. Angela Lange
    Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences - Prof. Daniel Schulze
    Department of Psychology - Prof. Kirk Blankstein
    Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences - Prof. Ya'el Karshon
    Department of English and Drama - Prof. Nancy Copeland
    Department of French, German and Italian - Prof. Michel Lord
    Department of History and Classics - Prof. Malavika Kasturi
    Department of Philosophy - Prof. Paul Franks
    Department of Anthropology and Religion - Prof. Tracy Rogers
    Department of Economics - Prof. Robert McMillan
    Department of Geography - Prof. Scott Munro
    Department of Management - Professor Anthony Wensley
    Department of Political Science - Prof. Richard Day
    Department of Sociology - Prof. Charles Jones
    Institute of Communication and Culture - Bill Thompson
  8. Full-Time Undergraduate Students (5)
    Bilal Khan
    Sadia Khan
    Dania Aldouri
    Anika Bhatti
    Shoilee Khan
  9. Part-Time Undergraduate Students (2)
  10. Administrative Staff member of Council (1)
    Joan McCurdy-Myers
  11. Graduate Student member of Council
    Mike Rennie
  12. Assessor Members (Chairs of Subcommittees)
    Academic Appeals Board - Professor Gordon Anderson
    Library - Professor Graham White
    Humanities Curriculum - Professor Leslie Thomson
    Sciences Curriculum - TBA
    Social Sciences Curriculum - Professor Graham White