College Affairs Committee


  1. Vice-President and Principal
    Professor Ian Orchard
  2. Vice Principal Academic
    Professor Cheryl Misak
  3. Vice Principal Research
    Professor Ulli Krull
  4. Dean, Student Affairs
    Mark Overton
  5. Chair of Council
    Professor Roger Beck
  6. Chief Administrative Officer
    Paul Donoghue
  7. Teaching Staff (6 - no more than one from any department or interdisciplinary unit)
    Professor Bruce Barton (Department of English and Drama)
    Professor Barbara Murck (Department of Geography)
    Professor Irene Wiecek (Department of Management)
    Professor Salvatore Bancheri (Department of French, German & Italian)
    Professor Wagih Ghobriel (Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences)
    Professor Angela Lange (Department of Biology)
  8. President of ECSU and ECSU Directors
    Adil Mirza
    Sean O'Connell
    Melissa Shaw
    Jason Borchenko
    Katherine Kormos
    John Lee
    Pooja Jadwani
  9. Full-time undergraduate student members of Council (5)
    Rob Rivers
    Alicia Smith
  10. President of EPUS
    Shaila Kibria
  11. Part-time undergraduate student members of Council (3)
    Jaslyn McLean
    Saurabh Sur
  12. President of AGSAE
    Karla Kaun
  13. Graduate student members of Council to be appointed by AGSAE (1)
    Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid
  14. Administrative Staff members of Council (5)
    Andrew Bellerby
    John Malcolm
    Doug Leeies
    Jim Linley - CHAIR
    Julie Stevenson
  15. Alumni (1)
    Art Birkenbergs
  16. Associates of Erindale (1)
    Sharon McCarthy
  17. Retired UTM teaching staff member of Council (1)
    Department Heads:

    P. Ash
    K. Chadder
    C. Boyd
    C. Capewell
    L. Collins
    D. Crocker
    P. Donoghue
    K. Duncliffe
    S. Kessler
    J. Lim
    E. Martin
    C. McGrath
    J. McCurdy-Myers
    M. Overton
    L. Paris
    M. Mavrinac
    G. Richter
    A. Vyas
    Chairs of Subcommittees:
    Professor N. Collins (Grounds Monitoring)
    Grounds Monitoring Subcommittee Membership  (<-- needs updating)
    Professor S. Munro (Transportation and Parking)
    Transportation and Parking Subcommittee Membership  (<-- needs updating)