Resource Planning and Priorities Committee

Vice-President and Principal
Professor I. Orchard Vice Principal Academic
Professor C. Misak Vice Principal Research
Prof. U. Krull Associate Dean of Humanities
Professor M. Lettieri Associate Dean of Sciences
Professor R. Baker Associate Dean of Social Sciences
Professor G. Crawford Dean, Student Affairs
M. Overton Chair of Council
J. C. Poë Chief Administrative Officer
P. Donoghue President of ECSU (or designate)
Adil Mirza Director of Business Services
C. Capewell Teaching Faculty (7 at least 2 from each Division)
Prof. P. Silcox (POL)
Prof. G. Anderson (ECO)
Prof. G. Gad (GGR)
Prof. G. Katz (ITA)
Prof. B. Schneider (PSY)
Prof. G. Sprules (ZOO) – CHAIR
Prof. A. Mullin (PHL)
Administrative Staff (1) Pam King