Computing Committee

  1. Vice-President and Principal or designate (assessor)
    R. Baker Chair of Council
    J. C. Poë Business Services
    F. Brown/ C. Capewell Manager Computing Services
    J. Lim Manager, MicroElectronics
    A. Vyas Chief Administrative Officer
    P. Donoghue Registrarial Services (1)
    I. Murray Library
    J. Seel – CHAIR Faculty
    • Humanities (1): Prof. P. Michelucci (FRE)
    • Social Sciences (1): TBA
    • Sciences (1): Prof. N. Collins (BIO)
    • Computer Science (1): J. Sills Graduate Student (1) (to be appointed by AGSAE)
    Tina Mann/Kimberly Nugent Full-Time Undergraduate Student (1) (to be appointed by ECSU)
    Saira Qureshi Part-Time Undergraduate Student (1) President of EPUS or designate
    Shaila Kibria College Web Master
    Duncan Hill