Academic Affairs Committee

Vice-President and Principal
Professor I. Orchard

Vice Principal Academic
Professor C. Misak

Vice Principal Research
Prof. U. Krull

Associate Dean of Humanities
Professor M. Lettieri

Associate Dean of Sciences
Professor R. Baker

Associate Dean of Social Sciences
Professor G. Crawford

Dean, Student Affairs
M. Overton

Chair of Council
J. P. Poë

Mary Ann Mavrinac

Registrar and Director of Enrollment Management
Diane Crocker

Teaching Staff (15 - at least 4 from each Division holding their major appointments at UTM)
Prof. L. MacDowell (HIS)
Prof. S. Tenenbaum (PHL)
Prof. B. Welsh (FAH)
Prof. S. Aster (HIS) – CHAIR
Prof. J. Lester (AST)
Prof. P. Macdonald (CHEM)
Prof. I. Graham (MATH)
Dr. D. Dilkes (BIO)
Social Sciences:
Dr. G. Allen (WRI)
Dr. B. Green (SOC)
Prof. G. Anderson (ECO)
Prof. S. Munro (GGR)
Any Division:
Prof. W. Ghobriel (PHYS)
M.L. Smith (PSY)
B. Thompson (CCIT)

Full-Time Undergraduate Students (5 – at least 1 from each Division and 5 alternates)
Rabia Aziz
Dawid Gorski
Patricia Lim
Social Sciences:
Jason Borchenko
Amyna Mamdani

Part-Time Undergraduate Students (2)
Mark Marji
Shaila Kibria

Administrative Staff (1)
Joan McCurdy-Myers

Graduate Student
Melissa Massey

Assessor Members (Chairs of Subcommittees)
TBA (Library)
C. Boyd

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