Governance Review Committee: Feedback Page

The GRC held a Town Hall on the Governance Review on Thursday, April 12, 2012.  The  structure, mandate and composition of the proposed governance model was explained in a presenation, which is available HERE.

The Terms of Reference Document developed with the feedback of UTM's Governance Review Committee can be found HERE.  It will be submitted to the Task Force on Governance Implementation Committee for consideration.

If you were unable to attend the town hall, but would still like to provide your feedback, please do so in writing to this email address.

As part of the larger Task Force On Governance process a number of strategic questions were identified to promote dialogue on governance and administration. These questions served as the theme behind many of the GRC's discussions:

They were:

In the light of current best practices, is UTM’s current governance model optimally structured to:

  1. Facilitate inclusive debate and decisions on issues of importance to the long-term interests of the institution?
  2. Ensure accountability at the appropriate levels within the University while providing efficient assessments and approvals of key initiatives?
  3. Provide the appropriate linkages with relevant constituencies?
  4. Address the unique governance and oversight needs of a three-campus institution?
  5. Is the distribution of responsibility between ECC and its Committees appropriately balanced?
  6. Is the division of responsibility between the central governing bodies and the UTM governing bodies appropriately balanced?
  7. If there are concerns about our current governance, what changes to the structures and processes would improve efficiency and responsiveness in decision making, while building on current strengths and sustaining our standards of transparency and accountability?
  8. Can we create a more streamlined and agile set of governance processes with reduced repetition? Are the Committees optimally structured to enable this?
  9. How can we ensure an appropriate forum in governance for discussion of strategic questions?

Please send your thoughts on the above questions or comments, as well as on the linked Town Hall presentation and Terms of Reference document to For more information on the university's governance review, background and source documents with respect to ECC and Committee membership, please browse the information available on the Background and Source Documents page.