Governance Review Committee (GRC) 2011-2012

Proposed Terms of Reference for UTM Campus Council, endorsed by the Executive Committee of Governing Council on June 11, 2012 and the Accompanying Cover Memorandum

The GRC held a Town Hall on the Governance Review on Thursday, April 12, 2012.  The  structure, mandate and composition of the proposed governance model was explained in a presenation, which is available HERE.  If you were unable to attend the town hall, but would still like to provide your feedback, please do so in writing to this email address.

In 2007, as part of the university-wide Towards 2030 planning process, the Governing Council of the University of Toronto established the Task Force on Governance (TFOG). Information on the process, planning, final report and implementation can be found on the Governing Council website: The Implementation Committee of the Taskforce on Governance discussed the introduction of Campus Affairs Committees at the divisional level as well as specific changes to the terms of reference of GC Boards and Committees in response to the Taskforce on Governance Report. These, in turn, have effects on UTM Committees and their terms of reference and structure.

University of Toronto Mississauga's governance review: creation of a Governance Review Committee

In light of the central implementation process, UTM begam its own process of governance review in the fall of 2011, not only to respond to specific recommendations in the TFOG Report, but also to do a wider review of Erindale College Council and its Boards and Committees.

Terms of Reference and Mandate of the GRC

Membership of the GRC

Consultation with the UTM Community:

Feedback from the UTM community is crucial to the work of the GRC. Please take the time to consider the questions on the GRC Feedback page, as well as the presentation made to the April 12 Town Hall and the Terms of Reference document developed by the GRC - linked above - and send an email with your comments to the Committee via the email link provided.

Town-Halls for Consultation:

There have been three town halls in total:  two town-halls in January and one in April of 2012.  Feedback from these town halls was incorporated into the work of the GRC. 

Background and Source Documents for Governance Review: