Vice-Principal, Research

Advisory Committee
Vice-Principal, Research, UTM


The Vice-President, and Principal of the University of Toronto at Mississauga, is the Chief Executive Officer of the UTM Campus. The Vice-President and Principal reports to the President of the University of Toronto with respect to overall campus management, and to the Vice-President and Provost with respect to matters of cademic appointments, programming and budget. With the extent of the planned expansion at UTM, the hiring of new research faculty and concomitant increase in graduate students, and the ever increasing sources of research money and research partners, it is necessary to enhance our support structure for research activities at this campus. We therefore require a Vice-Principal, Research, to lead us on this front.

Vice-Principal, Research

The Vice-Principal, Research, will report and make recommendation to the Vice-President and Principal, UTM, on matters related to the research venture at UTM. The Vice-Principal, Research, will work closely with researchers at UTM and also with the Office of the Vice-President, Research and International Relations, University of Toronto.

The Vice-Principal, Research, will work to support and enhance the research enterprise – the key to which is partnerships – with divisions, with universities, with government, with industry, and with the wide-variety of organizations throughout the World. The Vice-Principal, Research, will support and enhance these partnerships so that our researchers can continue to contribute to the scholarship of their discipline, and to produce innovative new ideas and technologies that will benefit the university and its students, our partners and Canadians themselves. The Vice-Principal, Research, will support the strategic development of research at UTM, and the mission of the University of Toronto to be among the leading public research universities in the World.

I have struck an advisory committee to advise me on possible candidates.

Membership of the Advisory Committee

Ian Orchard (Chair)
Rob Baker (Assoc. Dean)
Luis Seco (Mat)
Paul Donoghue (CAO)
Diana Borowski (Dev & Alumni)
Kelly Hannah-Moffat (Soc)
Graham White (Pol)
Amy Mullin (Phl)
David Trott (Fre)
Adil Mirza (ECSU)
Kim Nuggent (AGSAE)
Pekka Sinervo (Vice-Dean, A & S)
John Youson (Vice-Principal, UTSc)