Vice-Principal, Academic

Advisory Committee
Vice-Principal, Academic, UTM


The Vice-President, and Principal of the University of Toronto at Mississauga, is the Chief Executive Officer of the UTM Campus. The Vice-President and Principal reports to the President of the University of Toronto with respect to overall campus management, and to the Vice-President and Provost with respect to matters of academic ppointments, programming and budget. With the extent of the planned expansion at UTM, and the anticipated restructuring into departments with their own Chairs, it is necessary to divide the functions of the Chief Executive Officer, and create a Chief Academic Officer whose title will be Vice-Principal, Academic. Furthermore the duties and responsibilities of the Vice-Principal, Academic, are to be enhanced in the new structure.

Vice-Principal, Academic

The Vice-Principal, Academic, will be the Chief Academic Officer of UTM reporting to the Vice-President and Principal on matters related to the academic venture. The ultimate authority on academic appointments and programming and the operating budget will still remain with the Vice-President and Principal (who will continue to report on such matters to the Provost), but the day to day leadership of the academic venture will reside with the Vice-Principal, Academic. Chairs of departments at UTM will report to the Vice-Principal, Academic (in the transition there may be a time when Associate Deans also report to the Vice-Principal, Academic). The Vice-Principal, Academic, will implement the restructuring of academic units at UTM, and be responsible for the overall academic planning and programming and faculty complement. The Vice-Principal, Academic, will serve on a Tri-Campus Decanal Committee for Arts & Science, consisting of the Vice-Principal, Academic, UTSc and the Dean and Vice-Deans of the Faculty of Arts & Science. Similar structures for other Faculties / Divisions might also need to be established.

The Vice-Principal, Academic, will also serve on the Provost’s Principals and Deans Group, allowing for horizontal communication and coordination at the departmental, decanal and central levels.

It is anticipated that the Vice-Principal, Academic, will also become a Dean. I have struck an advisory committee to advise me on possible candidates.

Membership of the Advisory Committee

Ian Orchard (Chair)
Michael Lettieri (Assoc. Dean)
Liisa Galea (Psy)
Paul Donoghue (CAO)
Mary Ann Mavrinac (Library)
Hugh Gunz (Mgt)
Kelly Hannah-Moffat (Soc)
Amy Mullin (Phl)
David Trott (Fre)
Adil Mirza (ECSU)
Tina Mann (AGSAE)
Pekka Sinervo (Vice-Dean, A & S)
John Youson (Vice-Principal, UTSc)