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Cartography - Map


How to make maps visually pleasing

Map making is one of the oldest jobs in geography. Activities such as land use planning, emergency response, natural resource management, transportation, would be impractical without maps.

Cartography is the science of both making maps and human communication. Learn the principals of cartography such as coordinate systems and map projections, symbolization strategies, and data visualization. Render the Earth’s surface and complex geographic objects in 2D and 3D environments, and work with experienced cartographers in practical sessions on how to appraise mapped information.

Spatial Analysis

Analyze spatial patterns for location intelligence

Collect, manipulate, and detect and quantify patter in the business, transportation, and natural resource management industries. Use your spatial analysis skills to understand where assets are in the field and use powerful modelling techniques to predict future state of affairs. How will a forest fire spread due to vegetation and wind? What is the quickest and safest route for emergency response personnel to take in the summer and the winter? Spatial analysis helps to understand spatial relationships and supports operational and strategic decision making for a wide range of stakeholders.

Spatial Analysis - Wind



Gain industry relevant skills and experience

Industries seeking to automate workflows, conduct repeated data processing or retain data manipulation records rely on GIS professionals to develop, evaluate, and refine GIS models or programming scripts. Learn how to write code and basic programming skills using the Python language and applying those skills to various GIS related problems. Gain experience with different modelling approaches and selecting the most appropriate tools for working with complex geospatial data.