GGR417Y5 Honours Thesis

Course Desciption

Honours Thesis

Course Description

This course is designed to give students experience in the design and execution of an independent senior thesis under the supervision of a faculty member. In order to register in the course, students must obtain approval from a supervisor, complete an application form and submit the form to the Department of Geography. Please refer to the Department of Geography website for details: This course may fulfill field day components. Please consult with your supervisor.

Credits: Social Science, Science, Experiential Learning

Exclusion: none

Prerequisite: 14.0 credits

Core Skills Developed

  • Research skills adequate to the addressing of a research question at an advanced level
  • Knowledge and skills of methods of data collection and analysis
  • Critical analytical skills for independent, primary research
  • Writing and presentation skills appropriate for the communication of advanced academic research
  • Producing a thesis incorporating primary research that advances academic knowledge on the topic