GGR404H5 Paleoenvironmental Change



Course Description

Knowledge of paleo (past) climate and environmental change is crucial to understanding Earth System dynamics and predicting future change. Students will be exposed to a spectrum of traditional and frontier methods employed in past global change research, with a focus on the Cenozoic Era ( approx. 66 million years). This course will examine varied topics such as sea level rise; climate change over geologic and societal time; the Anthropocene, onset of Northern Hemisphere glaciations; and radiometric dating. More broadly, this course aims to provide students with an understanding of how paleoenvironmental studies contribute to advancing knowledge of the Earth System.

Distribution Requirement: Science

Prerequisite: 14.0 credits including 0.5 credit from: GGR214H5 or GGR304H5 or GGR305H5 or GGR384H5 or ERS321H5 or permission of instructor